INUGPASUG – This god was a giant who could be said to fall under the mythological category of a “divine geographer”, like Khong Lo in Vietnamese myths and Halmang in Korean myths.

Such figures are revered as having sculpted and/or created many of the world’s geographical features. In the case of Inugpasug, the Shaktoolik Peninsula in Alaska, Egg Island, Besboro Island and many other landmarks in regions occupied by the Inuits.

In some traditions Inugpasug was the brother of Nunam the Earth goddess. He was supposedly so proud of her son, his nephew Narssuk, god of the West Wind, that he would set three or more Inuit women at once on the baby’s enormous penis as if it was a log for sitting. ( Call me crazy, but that seems just plain tacky to me) An even odder myth about Inugpasug related how he insisted on engaging in the Inuit custom of wife- swapping with a mortal Inuit couple. Naturally, the Inuit woman was split open and killed by the giant deity’s organ when he attempted to make love to her, and when the Inuit man tried fornicating with Inugpasug’s wife he sank into her huge vagina and dissolved in her system. His bones passed out of her through her urine. ( Two words: closed casket) No, I’m not making any of this up. 

In the traditions which state Inugpasug is Nunam’s brother he is slain by Nunam’s husband, the wind and weather god Sila, along with all of Nunam’s other brothers. Some versions of the myth feature Nunam bringing all her slain siblings back to life, others just leave them dead. 


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20 responses to “INUIT DEITY: INUGPASUG

  1. Informative and very morbid! Inuit myths are a trip!

  2. What a strange story! But that seems typical 4 these Inuit gods u cover.

  3. Great look at this x-rated god! What odd stories!

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  5. Scary and weird but I love learning about the Inuit gods no matter how far out they get!

  6. Ewwwww! Leave it to you to find a “god” like this!!!!

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