I’ve been getting emails requesting that I review this movie, but I already did in 2010. For the folks requesting it, here it is again. And remember, if you want instant gratification for your bad movie fix you can check my Bad Movie page to see if I’ve already reviewed the movie you’re requesting:

CRIMINALLY INSANE (1974) – Category: The 70′s version of camp, with a premise and plot elements that would have been banned in previous decades.

WOULD YOU BELIEVE … this film features Ethel, a female slasher who is incredibly overweight … WOULD YOU BELIEVE … that her eating disorder is the point of the film, because after being released from a mental institution at the beginning, she takes to killing people who come between her and her next meal…

WOULD YOU BELIEVE …after killing her victims she takes to piling them in one of the rooms of her house … WOULD YOU BELIEVE … that when the expected odor problems surface our wiley slasher fights the problem with air fresheners and by spraying the decaying corpses with Lysol …

WOULD YOU BELIEVE…that Ethel finally decides to kill both her hunger problem and body-disposal problem with one stone by eating the dead bodies of her victims, a development the movie endlessly telegraphs but then treats like a surprise ending … WOULD YOU BELIEVE … that none of this is done to be intentionally funny, like it would be today. Instead it’s presented in a straight-faced serious manner, including an attempted “artsy” segment which features our star dancing , lying in bed next to one of her victims, running down her hallway with a crazed look on her face and chopping up baby dolls and department store mannequins …

WOULD YOU BELIEVE … thirteen years later a sequel, called Crazy Fat Ethel, was released along with another film, Death Nurse, both starring “Ethel” herself, Priscilla Alden? Also check out Satan’s Black Wedding, by the same director. I guarantee it will become your favorite “zombie brother marries his vampire sister” movie. You’ll be hoping those two crazy kids will tie the knot by the movie’s end in this “date movie” for serial killers.

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10 responses to “BAD MOVIE PAGE: CRIMINALLY INSANE (1974)

  1. Woman

    No. I am sorry… but I really don’t beleive it!!!!

  2. lmfao I don’t know where u find all these hilariously strange horror films but please don’t ever stop!!

  3. Gretchen

    I can’t believe this movie really exists, but it does!


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