The sexual tension is palpable!

 Welcome back to the Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog, the Open City in an America being torn to pieces by uncompromising liberal and conservative fanatics. As the only site on the ‘net that is truly non- partisan in its criticism of liberal zombies and conservative zombies Balladeer’s Blog now takes a look at the many, many, MANY mindless cliches that mean so much to left-wing and right-wing zealots but that make the rest of us (AKA “adults”) laugh and roll our eyes.

If you can actually use the following expressions without chuckling with contempt you’re a liberal zombie:  The Patriarchy / Eurocentrism / Red Staters /  objective journalists / Bushitler/ diversity/ feelings of empowerment / Social Justice/ hate speech (As an example of what repulsive hypocrites liberals are you can bet their favorite insult “Red Staters” will never be considered “hate speech” by them )  

If you can actually use the following expressions without chuckling with contempt you’re a conservative zombie: American Exceptionalism / Creationism / Tax and spend liberal / Muslim sleeper agent in the White House / Nobama / family values / homosexual agenda / Communist Plot / Biblical truths (As an example of what repulsive hypocrites conservatives are you can bet they’d never take terms like “Eddic truths” seriously )





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  2. Woman

    LOL!!! I love the caption under the photo!!! Hilarious!!!

    Tee hee hee zombies!!!

  3. lol u tell m … these r all so tru n u r so funny … specially “patriarchy” lol

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  5. Excellent! And so funny! I think liberals and conservatives have worn out their welcome with all of us.

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  7. So what do you do? You never take either side is that it?

  8. Nice to see something like this! Both liberals and conservatives are beyond reason.

  9. It is so damn good to see a voice that is neither liberal nor conservative. Such a pleasant change of pace!

  10. Very nice 2 see some 1 taking on both sides for a change instead of the usual partisan crap.

  11. These were so funny! Liberals and conservatives do love cliches don’t they?

  12. I like this! Awesome look at their cliches!

  13. I hope a lot of people enjoy this. I think liberals and conservatives both use cliches too much.

  14. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found nearly all persons will consent with your blog.

  15. Very well written article. It will be valuable to anyone who employess it, including myself. Keep doing what you are doing – can’r wait to read more posts.

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