Pictured: An act you won't get beheaded over.

 Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know that I consider all religions to be mythology and I often make jokes that demonstrate my lack of reverence for people who appoint themselves to lecture the rest of us about what they personally think their “God” wants us to do. That being said, it may shock a few people to see me mentioning this incident from the Lions vs Broncos game this past Sunday.

Stephen Tulloch, one of the Lions, dropped to this mock prayer pose to taunt the freshly- sacked quarterback Tim Tebow (seen in the orange jersey # 15) because Tebow is very open about his Christian faith. I’ve rolled my eyes at plenty of Tebow’s silly comments about faith just like I roll my eyes at athletes who think their deity actually gives a crap if they make a field goal or a free throw. I also roll my eyes at many Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, etc comments. This incident with Tulloch is just another example of the gutlessness of the politically correct, who would be outraged if one of the NFL’s Muslim players was taunted over their religious beliefs, but always look the other way when the Christians they loathe so much are subjected to such treatment. 

Take it from an ardent non- believer, it has become impossible to miss how Christianity has become the official religion it is socially okay to mock, and anyone who says differently is lying to cover either their political bias or their gutlessness. Obviously I have no problem with what Tulloch did. An important distinction to make, however, is the fact that I would also have no problem with a Muslim player being taunted in the same way, but you can bet there would be a big deal being made about it by the cowardly Political Correctness Police. Apologies would be demanded and the vacuous newsreaders on the talking head shows would be running special pieces on how misunderstood Islam is. And you can bet each talking head show would have one of their “officially offended Muslims” on hand to dourly lecture the viewers on what an intolerant act the football player had committed. Actors, actresses and singers who make a big production out of standing up to whiny Christians every chance they get would do their usual act of dropping to their bellies and crawling for whiny Muslims.

This spineless double- standard extends to other aspects of public life, too. Recently Ricky Gervais pretended to be “edgy” by posing as Jesus Christ on a magazine cover. Yaaaawn! Tweaking Christians in this manner is about as daring and original these days as making a Britney Spears joke. You want to show how daring and iconoclastic you are? Pose as Muhammad on a cover, or better yet, simply DRAW A PICTURE of that figure and then count the number of dead bodies and burned down buildings that result. Or to remember what REAL courage entails think of Theo Van Gogh, who was  murdered by a Muslim for making a film critical of Islam’s treatment of women. Think of female liberal Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali, herself a former Muslim, who often speaks out about Islam’s treatment of women. She now lives under constant protection because of the death threats she receives from sexist, violent, Muslim religious zealots. Where are the  Broadway plays and Hollywood movies about her? 

Oh, right. She’s criticizing a religion it requires actual courage to criticize because of the danger. It’s much safer for entertainers and faux “artists” to constantly slam Christianity (and believe me, if someone like me is bored with how overdone it is that says it all) and pretend to be “courageously outspoken” than to risk actual harm by standing up to a different religious bully.    



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  1. Zar

    I have my own Theory as to why this happens. I don’t think that Christianity was singled out because it is safe, I think Christianity remains a Target because you won’t get Christians to go about stabbing or beheading people who mock them, and there has been no Holocaust ( and no subsequent Lawyers) who can create an Anti-Defamation liege based on a previous Horror like the Jews.

  2. Not much for me to add to your post and Zar’s comment. You already know I’m with you on this topic anyway…Well done for exposing and publicising such behaviour whenever you encounter it, it’s important.

  3. You said this perfectly. Attacking Christians requires no courage, but criticizing Islam does.

  4. Fantastic article. I agree people are cowardly for whaling on Christians but letting Muslims kill and kill and kill without comment.

  5. You go! I’m so tired of people overlooking Muslims burning and killing while Hollywood tries to act like Christians are the big menace.

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  7. Well said. Hollywood’s cowards can’t bash Christians enough but they kiss Muslim butt all the time.

  8. Perfectly said! There is nothing to choose from between Christians and Muslims!

  9. I wish more people spoke out like this. I’m tired of people picking on the Ned Flanderses and cowering in fear from Muslim fanatics.

  10. You said it! Liberals are such cowardly hypocrites.

  11. Keep saying it Balladeer! Islam is the biggest threat to gay rights in the world!

  12. Wazzat cracka? u butthert that Tebow sucked?

  13. u took the thought right out of my mind with this !

  14. Awwwww! Are the little Christians upset about this?

    • I’m not a Christian you silly little piece of shit. But I do enjoy slapping down garbage like you who act real tough with Christians but back down the minute they realize they’re dealing with someone who will address them the way they deserve to be addressed.

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