“Can somebody show me how to play this?”

GHOST BUSTING (1991) – Category – More weird than bad, but butt-kickingly weird        I first saw this little honey more than a decade ago, but it’s pretty much timeless. It comes to us from Hong Kong, the land of killer fetus movies plus films with such extreme violence and sexual content that many of their movies can’t even be shown on PAY CABLE in the U.S.

Ghost Busting doesn’t pack anywhere near that kind of punch, but it sets up housekeeping in your head  because of its sheer weirdness. Wong Jing, Hong Kong’s answer to America’s William “One Shot” Beaudine and Italy’s Miles Deem, directed this film, so my fellow bad movie geeks know what to expect. The story involves a  Magic School attended by students who could easily kick the asses of Harry Potter and his posse.

When they find their academy under assault by evil spirits the four lead characters fight back by magically transforming themselves into their personal “icon gods”. The four figures they transform themselves into are Bruce Lee, Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley and Jesus Christ. No, I’m not kidding. Bruce Lee is no surprise, but you could reasonably wonder why three kids from Hong Kong would transform themselves into Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley and Jesus Christ. I’m guessing it was because the Buster Keaton, Roy Orbison and Virgin Mary costumes were at the cleaners that day. 

Needless to say, an oddball like me gets a kick out of the fight scenes in which the King, the Master, the Little Tramp and the Messiah (stigmata and all) take on the malevolent supernatural entities menacing our heroes. It’s even more fun than it was to watch Jesus Christ fight vampires with El Santo in the movie Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter.

But let’s face it, that film and the more recent venture titled Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist can’t help but make me wonder how many people would be dead by now if Muhammad was the religious icon in any of those films. Most people have never even heard of the two Jesus movies (or Ghost Busting, for that matter), but if the blood-soaked prophet of Islam had been featured in this same less- than-reverent manner on screen the whole world would know about it because of the high body count.

There’s that ollllld superstitious savagery about how Merry Muhammad is not to be depicted, which outdated attitude I guess goes right along with the rest of Islam’s sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, intolerant worldview. Yep, Christianity is an easy target (hell, I take plenty of shots at it here at my blog) but there’s no denying it’s also a safe one compared to the biggest religious bully of the moment.

And before anyone tries sniveling to me about any of that ask yourself how many deaths the practitioners of the wacky “religion of peace” would wrack up following the release of a movie called Muhammad: Child Molester.   


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18 responses to “BAD MOVIE PAGE: GHOST BUSTING (1991)

  1. midaevalmaiden

    haha this review was very funny. I got a kick out of it. and enjoyed your mimi rant as well. Roy Orbison…HAHAHA whats so bad and funny about that is it could just maybe be true.

    • Ha! Yeah, you never know. As for my Mimi rant, it’s just that Miriams who go by Mimi get on my nerves. I’m just sayin’. (I’m kidding! I know you meant “mini” rant)

  2. Oh dear God – now i want to see it. 🙂

    • I think you’ll enjoy it. You laughed at Maniac (1934) so we seem to have the same odd sense of humor.

    • Interesting take. ur right people don’t hesitate to make fun of Christians but they’re too timid to do it to Islam even when it deserves it.

    • Kaitlynn

      Good 4 u! Im sick of people kowtowing to islam 2. I’d luv 2 make a short film where a bunch of women kick Muhammad between the legs over and over again.

      • Ha! And we both know that if you made that film the gutless American left would call it “hate speech” but if you showed women kicking “Saint” Paul or Jesus between the legs you could show it on a prime-time television show.

  3. That is such a bizarre quartet – “Bruce Lee, Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley and Jesus Christ”. I don’t even know what to say about that except it is utterly whacked. I think this is a film that has to be seen to be believed. Your comments regarding Islam were brilliant by the way. Cheers!

  4. Woman

    Sorry darling. I could not read this post! I couldn’t even like it!!!! I find Elvis… well… over played. I’ve tried to read it but I cannot get past the picture!!! Yes. I don’t really enjoy Elvis. Or the Beatles. Please. Laugh at me now.

  5. Dr Phaas

    Excellent remarks … I love how you never backtrack on your comments on Islam and certainly anybody who reads your blog can tell you’re certainly no Christian either. It’s good to see irreverence to religion be done even handedly these days.

  6. u said it all right there … If so many of these people think they’re edgy and rebellious why don’t they tackle Islam the same way they tackle Christianity … bloody cowardly hypocrites.

  7. Brigitte A

    U R MY HERO!!!!! It’s so refreshing seeing someone come right out and say this. I’m pro-choice my self but I’m appalled at how everybody gangs up on right-wing Christians but Muslims get away with having the same backward attitudes on social issues.

    • Thanks! I know exactly how you feel. I had contempt for Islam long before Sept 11th 2001 because of its outdated social attitudes and its horrible treatment of women. Basically the Muslim world has every quality that I despise about the religious right in this country, but they have it about a hundredfold.

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