Location: Beverly, MA  

Division: NCAA Division 3

Conference Affiliation: Commonwealth Coast Conference 

Major sports: football, basketball, base/soft-ball, hockey, soccer, volleyball 


Comment: Insert your own “Don’t be so gullible” joke here. For all you ornithology buffs who feel that bird nicknames for sports teams sometimes get short shrift the Gulls being featured like this should be pretty satisfying!   


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  2. Really great! I want to play for the Gulls now!

  3. Lonnie

    Keep us updated on this team. It’s nice seeing more than just the same handful of teams everybody else covers.

  4. Susan Koso - Assistant Coach, Endicott Equestrian

    Endicott College also has a Varsity Equestrian Team…and we fly over the jumps.

  5. Cute team name! I love birds!

  6. Don

    I heard Endicott is a bunch of pussies.

  7. You make these teams nobody has ever heard of so much fun!

  8. My brother played football there years ago!

  9. Are they called the Gulls because their gullible?

  10. u make American sports fun to follow!

  11. Any NAIA college football team could kick the ass of the Gulls

  12. Endicott is for losers.

  13. Rodrick

    Endicott sucks.

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