Location: Williamstown, MA  

Division: NCAA Division 3 

Conference Affiliation: New England Small College Athletic Conference 

Major sports: crew, football, basketball, base/soft-ball, hockey, soccer, volleyball


Comment: The nickname Ephs (pronounced “Eefs”) is short for Ephraim Williams, the name of the school’s founder. I’m a nut for ancient Greek history so I was hoping it was short for Ephors, that 5-man governing body from ancient Sparta that had executive and judicial powers. Either way it’s a pretty cool nickname and on top of that the school was the alma mater of President James Garfield, who I think would have been one of our greatest presidents if he hadn’t been assassinated so early in his term.


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  1. Ephs suck! The Lord Jeffs rule!

  2. Pingback: Norman

  3. Lord Jeffs are sooooooooooooooooo lame!

  4. And let’s not forget Ephs Crew teams! Women’s Crew won the seven most recent ECAC Championships, took gold in three of the last four Head of the Charles Collegiate Eights, and have captured a record 6 consecutive National Champ titles at the NCAAs. Over the last three years Men’s Crew won both New England and NESCAC Championships, and have likewise won Head of the Charles Collegiate Eights gold medals in three of the last four years.

  5. Arun

    As a Williams alum I was always embarrassed that we were named for a guy who fell off his horse and died at the start of the French-Indian war. I’m glad someone thinks it’s cool. (I was always kind of proud of the purple cow mascot, though.)

  6. Ephs is such a funny name!

  7. Shad

    I like this site so much, loved the Ephs too!

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