The Baby 1973THE BABY (1973) – Category: The 70′s version of camp, with a premise and plot elements that would have been banned in previous decades.      

It’s hard to believe Ted Post was involved with this strange movie. It was considered very weird and kinky even in the 1970′s when it came out, and that was long before the internet made the entire world aware of the infantilism fetish that this film reeks of!

“Baby” himself redefines the expression “arrested development”, since he’s a full-grown adult who crawls around in a diaper (which needs changing occassionally – EEEWWWW), sleeps in a big crib, eats baby food and doesn’t speak. And by the way, it’s a horror film

His creepy mother and his equally creepy big sisters spank him, feed him (and in the case of the oldest sister, spend “quality time” in the crib with him, if you know what I mean) and brow-beat him into maintaining his infantile behavior at all times, even using a cattle-prod on him sometimes. All because the movie tells us they hate men because the father of the house abandoned them. Our “heroine” is a Social Worker who becomes increasingly obsessed with freeing Baby from the clutches of his demented family.

   SPOILER ALERT:……….We’re led to believe she has noble motives, but it turns out she just wants Baby as a companion for her brain-damaged, child-like  husband, as we find out after she kills his mother and sisters.


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