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Dystopia? You’re living in it!

All around the Western World and for decades now, bloated rich pigs and their bought & paid for flunkies in the political class have been using the rest of us as whipping boys for THEIR failed policies. They and theirs continue to screw up the world and screw the people of the world and every election cycle they preach to us more loudly about how it’s OUR fault, not theirs.

The ultimate irony is that it was the political left that gave the blueprint for modern oppression to the wealthy elites they used to oppose. The ridiculous notion of the Collective Guilt of the Western World was the best thing that ever happened to the rich and the powerful. I’ll buy that the bloated rich pigs and the political class should have borne the guilt and shouldered the blame, but regular citizens?

Uh, yeah, like it’s the Archie Bunkers who ruled the world of the past, not the George Soroses and the Koch Brothers. Wealthy and/or blue-blooded familes like the Bushes and the Pelosis have gotten a pass, sort of like Death Camp administrators who escaped and lived large in South America while German citizens absorbed the anger of the world. (Remember, Godwin’s Law pussies don’t impress me so don’t bother citing it.)

Mascot with demo and repub heads

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

The Working Class – yes even the white ones, you “White Privilege” fanatics – never had the money or the power to “oppress” anyone. But the Working Class, who suffered under the yoke of bloated rich pigs and politicians EVEN DURING THE TIME PERIOD WHEN WE’RE TOLD WHITE PEOPLE RULED THE WORLD – now CONTINUE to suffer under the yoke of the rich and powerful but also get lectured and talked down to as if they are to blame for the abuses that those elites inflicted on the world in the past and present.

For Working Class white people and Working Class black people to engage in hostility toward each other is a monumental waste of time that will do NOTHING to improve the lot of either of them. How ironic that the wealthy ultimately co-opted Marxism and used it as the latest lash to whip their victims and all it took was the irrational concept that ALL people of the Western World bore collective guilt for colonialism, war, racism and economic inequality. Continue reading