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SAGU RULES THE WORLD – As pointed out here at Balladeer’s Blog, each week of every college football season seems to find at least one NAIA football team upsetting a team from NCAA Division 2. For newbies to these divisions that’s like a 1AA (FCS) team upsetting a 1A (FBS) team. Yesterday the NAIA’s SOUTHWEST ASSEMBLIES OF GOD UNIVERSITY LIONS kept that tradition alive by toppling D2’s PANHANDLE STATE AGGIES. In this Instant Classic the Lions emerged with a 28-27 win in Overtime.

NUMBER FIVE TAKES A FALL – The 5th ranked team in NCAA Division 2 football was upset in yesterday’s action. The number 13 SHIPPENSBURG UNIVERSITY RED RAIDERS hosted their conference rivals the (5) BLOOMSBURG HUSKIES. In an epic gridiron struggle that the attendees will be telling their grandchildren about the conclusion of the game saw the Red Raiders come out on top by a final score of 49-42.

SKYHAWKS MAKE HISTORY – The NAIA’s POINT UNIVERSITY SKYHAWKS (helmet at left), are in their very first year of playing intercollegiate football. This weekend saw the Skyhawks notch their program’s first win.  Point University hosted the NEWPORT NEWS APPRENTICE SCHOOL BUILDERS and completely dismantled them in a 48-14 laugher. Congratulations to the Skyhawks (how can you not love that name) for this milestone accomplishment. 

TOP 25 UPSETS – NAIA – The number 19 SOUTHERN OREGON UNIVERSITY RAIDERS (helmet at left) defeated the visiting 6th ranked CC FIGHTING SAINTS, the most famous gridiron dynasty in NAIA history, in a 52-49 game for the ages.    ###    The unranked DOANE TIGERS brought down the number 18 team, the HASTINGS BRONCOS, in a dominant 48-16 homestand.    ###    … And the 20th ranked CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY BULLDOGS fell on the road to the BAKER WILDCATS in a 32-30 nailbiter.

TOP 25 UPSETS – NCAA DIVISION 2 – The unranked SLIPPERY ROCK ROCKETS were on the road against the number 11 CALIFORNIA (PA) VULCANS and pulled off a 28-26 upset in an unforgettable game.   ###   The GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY LAKERS were likewise unranked and on the road and toppled the 19th ranked HILLSDALE CHARGERS in a 42-23 affair that no doubt had Continue reading


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KICKS LIKE A MULE – The MUHLENBERG MULES (logo at right) upset the 8th-ranked FRANKLIN & MARSHALL DIPLOMATS, making the Dips the highest-ranked victims of yesterday’s action. The final score in this Instant Classic was 60-58.

NUMBER ONE TOOK A FALL – If you missed this result from Friday’s action, the POINT UNIVERSITY SKYHAWKS upset the top-ranked SHORTER HAWKS in a 73-72 epic.

TOP 25 UPSETS – NAIA – The 8th-ranked LINDSEY WILSON COLLEGE BLUE RAIDERS fell at home to the CUMBERLANDS BULLDOGS in a 77-76 nailbiter … The number 10 MSUN LIGHTS were upset on the road by the GREAT FALLS ARGONAUTS 69-68 … The 13th- ranked MASTER’S MUSTANGS lost at home 60-58 to the HOPE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY ROYALS …    

TOP 25 UPSETS – D3 – Other Top 25 upsets from yesterday saw the Continue reading


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