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Before any of my regular readers get upset let me point out right off the bat that I am NOT going to start covering Division 1 sports on a regular basis. This will simply be a quick list of the most unique nicknames for D1 teams outside of the 120 schools that count as 1A (FBS for you spineless conformists) for football. There’s no contest this time and I won’t bother with pertinent details about the schools. I’ll just feature the logos and my pithy comments. Since this is the only time I’ll deal with Division 1 I’m doing more than 20 to get all the unique names in. And by unique I mean a name not shared by a team in one of the divisions I cover, hence no UTSA  Roadrunners or Campbell Camels, etc.

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32. SAINT FRANCIS (PA) RED FLASH – CONFERENCE AFFILIATION – THE NORTHEAST CONFERENCE – The name and logo can’t help but make you think of the superhero The Flash from DC Comics which lends the nickname a certain kind of Neo-Nerd Chic. Sort of like the Blue  Streaks from a few divisions down in the college sports world. Plus this school plays football, always a plus with me. Continue reading


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