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Nice attack

More victims of Muslim savagery


Condolences to the Nice victims and their loved ones. 

MOHAMED Lahouaiej Bouhlel was the latest Muslim to indulge in the Muslim fanatic sacraments of killing and killing and killing. It’s no secret that Islam is the most blood-soaked and intolerant religion in the world right now. It’s also no secret that the political left in the Western World shoulders most of the blame for the failure to adequately address the ongoing conflict.    

Democrats in America, the Labour Party in the U.K. and other political parties run by left-wing Archie Bunkers STILL persist in their delusion that the Muslim World was never violent until that supreme ass George W Bush came along. Far too many have died to soothe the vanity of dinosaurs from the 1960s who haven’t allowed an original thought to enter their increasingly senile minds for FIVE DECADES.

Mohamed from the Nice attack

Wow, who could have guessed the killer’s name would be Mohamed?

And far too many of us have had the misfortune of having instructors who either ARE or WERE TAUGHT BY those same pretentious asses from the 1960s. The best of the 60s generation moved on to the real world. The most narrow-minded of them stayed in the “academic” (LMFAO) world and inflicted their political prejudices on impressionable young minds.

Barack Obama, who STILL cannot face reality, was TAUGHT BY 1960s generation Archie Bunkers. Hillary Clinton and John Kerry ARE 1960s generation Archie Bunkers. In the smug, impenetrable minds of these backward fools seems to lie the belief that everything will unfold the exact same way it did when they were younger. I swear these self-infatuated jackasses still believe that it will all turn out that Muslim fanatics are just misunderstood and that we’ll all one day realize that the people of the Western World are the REAL villains.

Obama Islam

… And he certainly has, hasn’t he?

Muslim Violence Awareness Year continues, with left-wing Archie Bunkers around the world clinging to their backward and outdated worldview in which ANYONE who hates the West MUST be in the right. These cowardly hypocrites will go on enabling and empowering only those Muslims who preach violence while ignoring those Muslims who want to live in the 21st Century and live in peace.

To the pompous egotists of the political left peaceful Muslims are only peaceful because they’ve “internalized Western Oppression.” And the left is willing to let countless OTHER people die in the name of their delusions and their pathetic desire to forever relive their youth. Continue reading


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