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Islam and the leftEven though there are plenty of Muslims who want to reform their religion and live peacefully the Democrats in the U.S. and Labour in the U.K. SHUN those Muslims.

To the Democrats and Labour the ONLY Muslims who are even allowed to speak at college campuses are the ones who hate the Western World. The others are banned as “Western Triumphalists” who have “internalized Western oppression.” For one of my articles on those peace-loving Muslims who bravely fight for reform click HERE

On the other hand here are just a FEW of the most recent atrocities boasted about by the Muslim fascists that Democrat and Labour voters LOVE to encourage and grab photo ops with.

April 1st: Bale, Nigeria – Muslim Fascist suicide bombers killed TWENTY innocent people and injured EIGHTY-FOUR more.

March 30th: Jamalpur, Bangladesh – Sunni Muslim fascists attacked and injured TWENTY-FOUR Amahdis for not worshipping the same way that they do. COEXISTENCE!  

March 23rd: Carcassonne, France – A Muslim fascist “immigrant” screamed praises to Allah while shooting NINETEEN innocent people, killing 4 and injuring 15 more. 

Islamophobia posterMarch 28th: Beni, Democratic Republic of the Congo – The ADF, the local affiliate of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine, killed TEN innocent people and injured over TEN more.

March 19th: Omala, Nigeria – Miyetti Allah, the local affiliate of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine, killed TEN innocent people, in some cases mutilating the bodies afterward, all while burning down homes. Continue reading


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