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Minnesota VikingsThe Minnesota Vikings are the only unbeaten team in the NFL, and it is the sort of unexpected surprise that keeps the NFL interesting. No matter how you choose to interpret the NFL odds no one thought it would all come down to the Vikings.

The Vikings had nothing going right for them for the longest time; their 2012 MVP was away for several weeks while the starting quarterback was absent for the whole season.

And taking into account the fact that they had to put Matt Kalil on injured reserve, you cannot help but commend the Vikings for maintaining a certain level of resilience throughout all the turmoil.

Quarterback Sam Bradford said as much. The Vikings have had to overcome a number of obstacles and adversities during the first half of 2016, and still, the players answered the call when it came. 

The NFL season is already at a third of the way through, and the Vikings have essentially taken the lead. Everyone thought the Super Bowl champions would eventually stand unopposed, but the Broncos took their first loss on Sunday. Continue reading


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