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Every war is the Vietnam War!

Every war is the Vietnam War!

Welcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the web that offers non-partisan criticism of Liberals and Conservatives. This post is part of my series in which I examine the construction of political myths. At this particular point in history American Liberals are more hubristic and in need of criticism so I’ll start with their political myths first.

As we “deconstruct” some of the concepts and figures held sacred by the hilariously pretentious asses of American Liberalism much of the fun will come from the huffy indignation they display when their own outdated value system is subjected to the same critical eye which they use to regard others. Most Liberals of the 1960s generation have become left-wing Archie Bunkers, forever living in the past.

THE 1960s – You’ve heard of the book The Greatest Generation? Well the American youth of the 1960s have earned a name as “the most self-aggrandizing generation.”  The 60s generation has never forgiven the land of their birth for the fact that life was not as simple and pleasant as what they saw on episodes of Father Knows Best or The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. They grew up … well, American Liberals NEVER grow up, so let’s instead say they “grew older” while Continue reading