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I’ve made my contempt for American Liberals and American Conservatives very clear in the past. The Liberal and Conservative fanatics who have taken over the Democratic and Republican Parties are hopelessly destructive fools.

However, at this particular point in history the pretentious asses of American Liberalism are more pompous and hubristic than American Conservatives so I’m “deconstructing” their mythological figures first. I’ll do Conservative Mythology next. 

Liberals think they possess The One True Worldview.

Liberals think they possess The One True Worldview.

The number one deity in American Liberal mythology would be – THEMSELVES! Make no mistake, the most vulnerable part of any American Liberal is their ego. Clueless American Conservatives often make the mistake of thinking they’re insulting Liberals by calling them unpatriotic or socialist or ungodly. Accusations like that only charge the batteries of Liberals. The best way to actually insult American Liberals is by pointing out to them how pretentious, snobbish and insecure they are. It also helps to point out to them how hopelessly naive they are, too, despite their self-image as cosmopolitan sophisticates.

American Liberals are always convinced that they have Really Deep Thoughts that other people couldn’t possibly have ever had and they trot out their childishly simplistic take on world affairs in conversations and expect the people they’re talking to to be ever so impressed. Unfortunately for Liberals they’re invariably stagnated at some level of political discourse the rest of us moved on from years – if not decades – ago. I’ll point out again that American Liberals are so far behind the rest of us they actually think they’re ahead. Continue reading