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Islamophobia posterHere at Balladeer’s Blog I devote a lot of space to those courageous Muslims who take on the fanatics in their own faith PLUS the condescending white Westerners who think that ONLY Muslims who hate the Western World are “authentic.”

For the flip side of that here’s another look at JUST A FEW recent attacks by Muslim fascists empowered by Democrats in the U.S. and by Labour in the U.K. and by  “educators” (LMAO) everywhere: 

October 14th: Mogadishu, Somalia – Another reminder that even in majority Muslim nations Muslim fascists will always go on killing other Muslims who don’t worship in the exact same way that the Muslim fascists want them to. Two Muslim fascist suicide bombers detonated two trucks, killing THREE HUNDRED TWO innocent people and injuring FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE more.  FACEBOOK BANS NEWS ITEMS ABOUT THIS STORY.

September 10th: Fakirabazar, Myanmar – Muslim fascists killed EIGHTY-SIX innocent people for being Hindus instead of Muslims. Coexistence! FACEBOOK BANS NEWS ITEMS ABOUT THIS STORY.

October 16th: Nkiedonwhro, Nigeria – Fulani terrorists – the local franchise of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine – killed TWENTY-NINE innocent people. FACEBOOK BANS NEWS ITEMS ABOUT THIS STORY. 

September 8th: Ancha, Nigeria – Fulani terrorists – the local franchise of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine – killed 19 innocent people and injured 5 more, all because the victims were Christian instead of Muslim. Coexistence! FACEBOOK BANS NEWS ITEMS ABOUT THIS STORY.  

September 11th: Sinai, Egypt – Agents of the Islamic State (Obamastan), which was spawned by Barack Obama’s premature withdrawal from Iraq, used a suicide bombing to kill 18 innocent people and injure 7 more.  FACEBOOK BANS NEWS ITEMS ABOUT THIS STORY.

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