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fauci picAnthony Fauci certainly seems to be more interested in self-promotion than in doing his job. It’s easy to forget that this is the same Anthony Fauci who was part of a very inept effort to combat AIDS decades ago, only to see any real progress coming from figures working OUTSIDE of the Fauci Fiefdom. Why were some people foolish enough to listen to this attention whore who jumped on bandwagons and contradicted himself almost daily depending on which way the political winds were blowing? And all the while the body count was rising …  How do you spell “malpractice” by the way? 

As if Fauci wasn’t already a prime example of bureaucratic dysfunction granted far too much influence, he has sunk even lower by resorting to the NEW last resort of a scoundrel – claiming that investigating his scandals is an attack on “science.” Ah, the old “Science? C’est moi!” defense.

fauci back and forthWith sites pulling “Faux Fauci’s” self-aggrandizing new book and with the weaselly, wormy little man refusing to take questions during a public appearance at a vaccination site recently, Doctor Death more and more reminds me of the hilariously sleazy, disingenuous and dissembling character Martin Short played long ago: the slimy fraudster inevitably whining “Did I say anything? I didn’t say anything. Did you hear me say anything?”

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