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Debra Dandrea1Debra D’Andrea is a world-famous female bodybuider and has won numerous titles in professional competition. Not only that but she is an ingenious businesswoman and has been very successful at marketing herself not just to the FBB faithful but also to the Power Exchange community.

Debra combines her remarkable beauty with an irresistable charisma and keen intellect to maintain a public persona that is part woman warrior, part avante garde artist and part Domme. Recently Ms D’Andrea granted this interview to Balladeer’s Blog. For info on purchasing your own Debra D’Andrea merchandise read on:

BALLADEER’S BLOG: Would you like to start off by describing part of your training regimen?

DEBRA D’ANDREA – In general I workout six days a week, five lifting weights and one extra day of cardio.

BB: With workouts and maintaining your business how does that break down on a daily basis?

DD: My days are always different but I usually start out with my emails. Then about 10:30 or so I hit the gym for two hours, after that it depends if I have a session or if I have more computer work to do. Sometimes I have a Continue reading


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