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… *** *** *** *** ***     Is Mr Fattah the Democrats’ 2020 Presidential nominee?

Ah, those Democrats! They love to act like they are THE moral models for everyone else in the world. Disgraced Democrat Representative Chaka Fattah – living up to the grand standards of the Party of Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton – has been sentenced to TEN YEARS IN FEDERAL PRISON for bribery, for stealing campaign contributions, for stealing charitable donations, and for stealing federal grant money, all to finance his own Democrat-model lifestyle.

democratic party donkeyI THINK THE DEMOCRATS HAVE FOUND THEIR 2020 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE! Nobody will ever match the criminal career of the Hillarytron or get as many cops killed as Obama has, but hey! There is obviously a great farm system in the Party of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, the Spoils System, Tammany Hall, Jim Crow, making police Public Enemy Number One, vote fraud, Cities of Illegal Immigrants and making death threats against members of the Electoral College! Democrats are so innovative!

C’mon, Democrats! Lecture the rest of us some more in that sickeningly sanctimonious way that you love to do!  

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