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Medals of HonorHAPPY MEMORIAL DAY FROM BALLADEER’S BLOG! This is a terrific day for commemorating the service of the men and women who go out and actually DO something. In keeping with my blog’s theme of addressing items that slip through the cultural cracks I’m showcasing a few of the Congressional Medal of Honor winners from the neglected war the U.S. fought in the Philippines from 1899 to 1902.

Arthur M Ferguson

Arthur M Ferguson

ARTHUR M FERGUSON – Lieutenant Ferguson won the Medal for his actions on September 28th, 1899 near Porac on Luzon. Back in April of the same year Ferguson had won the Distinguished Service Cross for dangerous recon work he did against some Philippine forces at Calumpit. For the Medal of Honor Arthur had charged a body of the enemy, inflicting injuries and possible deaths all while capturing a Philippine Captain and returning with the prisoner to American lines.

WILLIS H DOWNS – Yet another member of Young’s Scouts, one of the most famous units of the Philippine War! Private Downs won the Medal for his actions on May 13th, 1899 at San Miguel de Mayumo on Luzon. With 11 other Scouts and without waiting for the supporting batallion to aid them Downs and company charged over 150 yards against a force of approximately 300 of the enemy. Downs and his comrades routed the enemy force despite their superior numbers and their position, which should have been impervious to all but a full frontal attack by a similar force. Continue reading


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