With the Frontierado Holiday coming up on August 5th, how about a reminder of the rules of Frontierado Poker? 

“You’re not goin’ nowhere, ya bottom-dealin’ Hombre,” the gambler-gunfighter exclaimed, “We’ve got us a few apparent paradoxes and their effect upon contemporary religious thought to discuss!”

Here’s a refresher on the rules for Frontierado Poker, the game that is strictly my own invention, to be played on Frontierado (the first Friday of every August).

1. Remove all face cards from the deck. The game is played with a 40-card deck.

2. Every player antes up. (I’m not advocating gambling. You can decide for yourselves what you play for.)

3. Each player is dealt 4 cards (the deal rotates like in many conventional poker games).

4. Every player MUST discard at least one card to be replaced. It is up to them which. As usual a player can keep or replace as many additional cards as they like.

5. The traditional method for folds, bets and raises applies.

6. OPTIONAL: Every player’s low hold card is absolutely wild, and can be any numerical value, color or suit the player wishes to give them the best hand. You can play without any cards being wild if you prefer. 

7. The best hand wins. Obviously in this game there is no Full House or Royal Flush possible since players hold only 4 cards and there are no face cards. A straight is simply 4 straight.  

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