Because December is the time for end of the year retrospectives, here is a look at Balladeer’s Blog’s Best of February 2021.

lifepod posterLIFEPOD (1981) – My review of another of the 10 cheapjack Robert Emenegger/ Allan Sandler science fiction movies from 1980 and 1981. In my view this is the best of the bunch. For the review click HERE.

ANALOG ARCHIVES & CHANNEL 7 – Balladeer’s Blog’s review of two of the internet’s best works of “Unfiction” (all-video ARGs mixed with elements similar to Creepypastas). These two are complete and can be viewed in their entirety. Click HERE.

defenders picTHE DEFENDERS: THEIR FIRST TWENTY 1970s STORIES – The opening tales of the Defenders, back before they were the mere street-level heroes that fans consider them today.

Members included Hulk, Dr Strange, Sub-Mariner, Valkyrie, Silver Surfer and more. Click HERE.

1912: BATTLE OF THE THREE PRESIDENTS – The memorable race of 1912, pitting Theodore Roosevelt against Woodrow Wilson and William Howard Taft. Click HERE.


rivals of holmes smallRIVALS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE MOABITE CIPHER – My review of the final episode of the 1971-1973 BBC series, this one featuring a Dr Thorndyke mystery. Plus a look at the subsequent radio series about Holmes’ rivals. Click HERE.

trumbo posterTRUMBO (2015)- My review of the movie that proves Democrat hypocrisy is hilarious. We need 3rd Parties. Click HERE.

FOURTEEN FAILED PREDICTIONS BY SCIENTISTS – Women buying embryos to get implanted? Moon colonies by the year 2000? Soldiers with Anti-Grav belts? Japan and China facing mass starvation? Click HERE.


BIDEN REGIME ATROCITY ROUNDUP – The ongoing series: February 8th HERE, February 17th HERE, February 22nd HERE, February 25th HERE .

res evil apocRESIDENT EVIL MOVIES – A look at those guilty pleasures, with Milla Jovovich kicking zombie and monster butt. Click HERE.

MORE COURT RULINGS THAT DEMOCRAT OFFICIALS VIOLATED ELECTION LAWS VIA THEIR CHEAT BY MAIL SCAM IN 2020 – Includes links to the rulings, plus you can search for yourself since those post-election decisions are in the public record. They can prevent similar fraud next time around, but obviously it was too late at this point to go back and figure out which ballots should be thrown out.

HILLMAN SUPERHEROES – Forgotten 1940s superheroes like Twilight, Iron Lady, Firebrand, Zippo and Electro Man. Click HERE.

ta o susp 59MARVEL SUPERHEROES – More Marvel heroes, including Captain America’s First Twenty 1960s Stories after he was unfrozen. Cap takes on Baron Zemo, the Red Skull, Batroc, Hydra, etc. Click HERE.

The First Twenty Daredevil Stories from the 1960s. DD does battle with the Owl, Purple Man, the Matador, Gladiator and the Masked Marauder. Click HERE


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