i am sophieRegular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know how interested I am in the various ARGs, Analog Horror projects and other forms of “Unfiction” that play out on the internet. Earlier this year I had fun looking back on completed projects like Analog Archives and Channel 7, both of which owed a lot to the ongoing work Local 58.

Many of these projects, especially The Magical World of Ania, display more daring and creativity than we’ve gotten in major movie releases and television shows in recent years. Similarly, I Am Sophie was unfolding as a meta-within-meta horror narrative that was on course to become one of THE best and most disturbing examples of Unfiction.

Sadly, not so long ago its creators came forward to announce that they were ending the project, unfinished as it is. This is quite a shame, since it was brilliantly blending the overt AND implied ugliness of celebrity culture, “reality” shows that aren’t, online phoniness, hate & envy-fueled consumerism and using virtual reality plus the exploitation involved in the way CGI can be used to feature dead celebrities in new movies.

Over at nBURD’s YT channel he did an interview with the creator and cast of I Am Sophie, providing several answers regarding the abandoned project and some of its unresolved mysteries. For that interview click HERE. If you’d prefer more background info on the horror tale first, NightMind – as usual – did a nice summary HERE

And if you’re not at all familiar with these forms of entertainment, you can sample a re-upload of one of the oldest and most harmless – even comical – versions. For 2008’s This is My Milwaukee (TiMM) click HERE.


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  1. All I can say is, I actually found the final accounting of this show fascinating 😱

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