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Balladeer’s Blog has previously examined failed predictions on the part of “psychics,” religious figures and more. This time around here is a list of failed predictions from another belief system with its own form of apocalyptic eschatology.

*** By the year 2000 New York City will be completely submerged by rising sea levels. The sources of that prediction are legion. 

*** By the year 2020 there will be no more snow on Mount Kilimanjaro because of climate change. That was from Al Gore’s Reefer Madness-style Dire Warning flick An Inconvenient Truth plus the Vancouver Sun and others. 

*** In 2004 the Guardian predicted that nuclear and conventional wars would break out by 2020 because of scarce resources. They also predicted that multiple European cities would be under water by 2020. 

*** In 2009, authorities from the U.S. Geological Survey predicted that by 2020 Montana’s Glacier National Park would have no more glaciers. Last year a scramble began to push that date further ahead since obviously 2020 was going to come and go without that prediction coming true.

*** In 1988 an Environmental Affairs Director predicted that by 2018 the Maldives Islands would be catastrophically overtaken by rising sea levels. In reality the islands’ surface land area is increasing.

*** In the year 2000 the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia predicted that within 20 years falling snow would be so rare that the sight of it would cause chaos among children who had never seen it before.

*** In 1986 the Environmental Protection Agency predicted that the sea level around Florida would rise two feet by 2020. Here in 2020 that Florida sea level has risen by just roughly 3.5 INCHES.

*** In 2009 China predicted it would lower its gas levels by 40-45%. Actually those carbon figures have RISEN by 168%.   

*** In 2013 the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette pointed to 2020 for “an ice-free Arctic.” In reality the National Snow and Ice Data Center stated that at its MINIMUM this year, there were 3.9 million square kilometers of sea ice in the Arctic.

*** In 1989 it was predicted that within 20 years New York’s West Side Highway would be underwater from rising sea levels.

*** In 2004 the Pentagon, which practically EMBODIES inaccuracy and failure, predicted that by 2020 Great Britain would have a “Siberian climate.”

*** In 2008 Al Gore predicted that the North Polar Ice Cap would be gone within 5 years. As of this writing it is still there, no matter how much of an inconvenient truth that is to Gore.

*** In 2009 Prince Charles predicted that the world had only 8 years left to avoid global catastrophe over “capitalism and consumerism.”

*** In 2013, Nature predicted an ice-free Arctic by 2015. Yes, 2015. 

*** Also in 2013 the U.S. Navy’s Department of Oceanography predicted an ice-free Arctic by 2016. Yes, 2016.



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  1. A good bit of humor and italicizing and boldfacing the lunatics we too often trust. However (listen, the other shoe is going to drop…) we have some serious environmental problems to address. The longer we wait, the more difficult each problem will become. Seriously doubt any of them will “go away.” Take for instance, ocean pollution; rivers, lakes, and streams so polluted only a fool would eat any fish managing to survive there; carcinogens introduced as godsends now damaging everyone’s health – PCB, Teflon, Asbestos, lead, and Brussels sprouts for example; nuclear armament proliferation – separate, you understand, from the indeterminate sins and salvations of nuclear energy; three and four letter acronyms labelling every conceivable mental aberration free for any who chose them to embrace and seek absolution for their crimes while so afflicted; the complete absence of a good five-cent cigar; and so on. Forgive me my commrant. Yes let’s recognize the loonies and axe-grinders, but discover real doomsday(ish) threats and get after them. [As always, sir, an amazing and informative post. Thank you. I do see the humor of it. I remain concerned about many “issues.”]

    • Hello and thanks for the kind words! Yes, I too am concerned about assorted environmental issues but it’s tough not to laugh at the overwrought and over-the-top doom-mongering from the far-gone loons. And it’s all fair game for laughs – when I did the posts ridiculing psychics I got comments from “real” psychics who were upset, when I ridiculed certain religious predictions I heard from religious people who were upset and I’m sure eventually I’ll hear from some of the overly-serious environmental zealots. Especially the kind who think that if you’re not convinced human beings cause climate change they pretend you’re “denying” that climate change happens. There’s no having civilized conversations with those fanatics.

  2. Ah……..!!! THANK YOU, Balladeer!!! You just gifted a HUGE smile!!! Happy New Year and ROCK ON!!! 🤗💖😊

  3. Someone

    Such stupidity! I still see this crap from ‘professionals’ on LinkedIn. By now, Padre Island, the world’s longest island off the Texas Gulf Coast, should have been the world’s largest sand bar by now.

    And every couple decades or so, we did have snow along the Gulf Coast around Corpus Christi and south of us on Christmas day of 2004 and early December 2017. The latter was more of a good dusting of a couple inches or so, but it can happen.

    Some real environmental issues: microplastics/plastic waste, ocean dead zone from fertilizer runoff, and securing uncontaminated fresh water resources.

    • I know how you feel. And I also have concerns about assorted environmental issues but the fanatics will not tolerate any conversation that does not go along with the silliest and most outrageous predictions calling for the most absurd solutions.

  4. Jonnyspeed

    Fanatics always make dire predictions that don’t come true.

  5. Reed and Thomas

    You are so rite that you can’t even talk to these fanatics unless you agree with them that the end is just a few years away. It’s useless.

  6. The Hipster

    These dumb predictions are always so funny! More of them please!

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