Los patriotas están con Dios

Very inspiring blog post.


Un negro estadounidense, ante a las protestas de los comunistas juntos a los terroristas callejeros Antifascistas (ANTIFA), explica el porqué no hay que caer en la provocación de los comunistas y del Nuevo Orden Mundial —“los globalistas”, insiste este negro patriota estadounidense— y, sobre todo, el porqué hay que estar al lado de la libertad, al lado de Estado Unidos de América junto a su presidente Donald Trump, y condenar el saqueo, las agresiones y el caos de los comunistas, Antifascistas y feministas en Estados Unidos de América quienes usan la muerte injusta del negro Georges Floyd, declarado muerto por asfixia tras sufrir una violencia extrema policial de cuatro policías locales de la ciudad de Minneapolis (Minnesota) Estados Unidos de América, el pasado 25 de mayo de 2020, porque no es un problema de negro contra blancos ni mucho menos un problema de racismo en Estados sino porque…

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14 responses to “Los patriotas están con Dios

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  2. Gosh. I clicked over to read but my poor brain can’t take any more. Much to the dismay of my dear friend who keeps sending me vids and articles. I’m going to send this link to her though as she can’t get enough and it looks really good. Thank You, Balladeer, for sharing! Cheers and Rock On!!! 😃💕🤗

  3. I have been and continue to suggest to all I know that facepages and its ilk be abandoned. Most difficult because most face pagers don’t give a rip and say “the best way to keep up with family.” I call BS! Write, phone, visit. We keep supporting this crap because we are too lazy or want someone to stroke our ******* while we just sit on our asses. Tough row to hoe. Really. tough. Take a look at the number of WP sites relying on facepages for video.

    • I agree with you! I left Facebook and then Twitter years ago because I was sick of the censorship. I hear the same excuses from people who don’t like them “Best way to keep up with the family.” It wouldn’t be if they would switch to one of the alternate sites.

  4. Someone

    Vox Populi blog has readers reporting that links to his blog are being banned by Parlor.


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