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Balladeer’s Blog’s month-long celebration of Halloween continues with this look at two neglected werewolf legends from Detroit. 

werewolf-of-detroitI. Jacques Morand – Roughly 300 years ago Jacques Morand was in love with Genevieve Parent. Unfortunately for him Genevieve decided to join a convent. When Morand could not change her mind through pleading he turned to threats, which drew warnings from Genevieve’s father and brothers.

In desperation Jacques sold his soul through one of the White Witches of the Woods. In return he gained the unholy power to turn himself into a werewolf after dark. After preying on Genevieve’s father one night he followed that up the next by picking off one of her brothers.

The third night the Parent family hunkered down in their homestead but Jacques had fooled them into thinking he came to help ward off the were-beast preying on them. From inside the house the silver crosses lining the outside perimeter were useless against him and the werewolf whittled down Genevieve’s remaining family members and servants til she alone was left.    

She fled into the streets, pursued by the werewolf that she now realized was Jacques Morand. Genevieve at last made her frantic way to Grosse Pointe, where the exhausted girl hopelessly begged a statue of the Virgin Mary for help.

When the werewolf lunged at Genevieve to consummate his vile lust the pitiful girl closed her eyes … but nothing happened. She opened her eyes and beheld Jacques Morand in werewolf form but turned to stone by the intervention of the Virgin. ++

robert-conrad-pasquinelII. Pierre La Fontaine – Also hundreds of years ago in Detroit a young man named Pierre La Fontaine married Archange Simonet. After the ceremony the newlyweds were celebrating at their newly-constructed home surrounded by family and friends. After dark the festivities were interrupted by a werewolf who had been stalking Archange on two previous occassions. 

Overpowering Pierre and all the other celebrants the Loup Garou seized Archange and fled with her as its captive. The bridegroom and the other men pursued the beast but lost its trail in the swamp. Pierre had found a torn fragment of his wife’s wedding gown and – half-crazed from the ugly turn of events – swore to find and kill the werewolf who took his wife. He also swore to kill any other werewolves who crossed his path in his search. 

Melting down any and all of the silver wedding gifts Pierre crafted multiple silver axe-heads to plunge into the hearts of his lycanthropic foes and set off on horseback to fulfill his vow of vengeance. The length of La Fontaine’s vengeance quest varies from version to version, with some claiming a few years and others saying just over a year.

During that quest the crazed hero slew many werewolves while pursuing his main quarry. When word caught up with the wandering Pierre that his sister was going to be married he sped back to Detroit, convinced that his archfoe would not be able to resist striking at his sister’s wedding.   

Pierre was right. The Loup Garou struck during the post-ceremony celebrations like he did when abducting La Fontaine’s wife Archange. This time, with a wealth of experience under his belt Pierre expertly wielded his silver-headed axes in a running battle with the werewolf. 

The battle led back to the same swamp as before. When the wedding goers at last arrived at the swamp in support of La Fontaine they found him alone, staring into the swamp waters. The werewolf was dead but Pierre had collapsed into complete insanity from whatever horrors he had witnessed.

Different accounts claim the werewolf was finished off not by Pierre but by an enormous catfish, which devoured the monster. Others say the lycanthrope was devoured by an entire school of catfish acting like piranha. (?) Still others claim that Archange had returned from the afterlife and caused angels to drag the Loup Garou down to Hell.  

Whatever he had witnessed, Pierre spent the rest of his days as a madman being cared for by his sister, her husband and their children. ++


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  1. i love werewolf stories😀

  2. i love werewolf stories 😀

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