Mascot new lookBalladeer’s Blog’s fans know that I don’t consider myself a music expert. I may enjoy anything from operas and symphonies to all categories of pop and rock, etc but I never claim that my tastes are governed by some overriding musical aesthetic. I just know what I like and what I don’t like.

And that brings us to Mark Gormley. At first this guy’s work struck me as music’s answer to oddball filmmaker Neil Breen and I assumed that his cult following loved Gormley in an ironic way. The more I look into it, though, there are many people who seem to be providing actual, profound justifications for considering the man genuinely talented. Those same people even praise his “Power Stance,” which I have always found incredibly silly.

Below is one of Mark’s music videos preceded by a brief introduction from the Uncharted Zone‘s hosts. Let me know if you think I’m a musical Philistine for laughing at the Gormster or if you think those who hail him as a genius are just keeping the straightest faces this side of Leslie Nielsen. I’m open to being set straight if I’m missing something about this guy but he strikes me as a hybrid of Ned Flanders, Floyd R Turbo and Tiny Tim. Here he is with his song Little Wings


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  1. Perfect description – Ned Flanders mixed with Tiny Tim (I didn’t know the other guy you mention?) Lol

    At first before he sang … i was like ok … so is calm… he doesn’t look like a rocker – but looks are deceiving … let’s see what this guys got lol …

    It won’t be in my playlist lol… but I love your description of him lol so much – it’s perfect!!!

  2. Des

    My first impression as I began listening is that your musical tastes seem to be a lot like many of your movie watching choices: obscure and “neglected”! In the first 30 seconds I was trying to shove aside the visions of Tiny Tim and Ned Flanders enough to actively listen to the song, which took a little concentration.
    Once that happened, I soon picked up on his nice guitar playing and chord choices, and halfway into the song his high-pitched singing began to normalize in my mind. The whistling at the end is also very proficient, a talent I’ve always enjoyed. In the end, I actually enjoyed the tune a lot!
    I am also one of those people who relishes in art and music that pokes fun at itself in some way. I totally get why you like this guy and I must admit I’ll be checking out some of his other stuff. No doubt he is talented. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you found something to like in his music, because I may not have made it clear that I really don’t find his stuff any good but I thought maybe some sort of “musical illiteracy” on my part was why I thought he was a joke. It’s good to hear you found some value in his work. That is great!

      • Des

        Well, I kind of agree his act is a joke, as was Tiny Tim’s, but yet, they both executed interesting, if not bizarre tunes that might grab certain people’s attention. Mark Gormley will never have wide appeal, but there are some weirdos out there (like me) who can find value in his strange style! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Mr. Gormley!

      • No problem! Thank you for pointing out the positive elements of his music!

  3. Debbie

    If Tiny Tim and Melanie had a baby……..

  4. Percy

    Wow. Just. Wow.

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