Balladeer’s Blog’s readers can’t get enough of these blog posts about cool football helmets, so, since I aim to please here is another one.

Abraham Lincoln RailsplittersABRAHAM LINCOLN


Comment: How can you NOT love this name for the football teams of any educational institute at any level? The Railsplitters is great. The Emancipators would be great, too!

Roman Catholic CahillitesROMAN CATHOLIC


Comment: Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know I’m a soft touch when it comes to incredibly cool helmet logos, especially when they’re combined with butt-kickingly unique team names. 

Benjamin Franklin ElectronsBENJAMIN FRANKLIN


Comment: Electrons is a clever choice for a team named after good old Dr Franklin. Other possibilities might be the Stoves, the Kitefliers, the Lightning Bolts, or maybe the Cougars given his fondness for older wo- … naaah.

Central LancersCENTRAL

Team Name: LANCERS

Comment: No, not Prancers, LANCERS! Like Knights it’s one of those team names that can’t help but lend themselves to eye-catching logos. 

Susquehanna Township IndiansSUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP

Team Name: INDIANS

Comment: This may be the best helmet I’ve ever seen for one of the many football teams called Indians. Perfect blend of colors.

West School SpeedboysWEST SCHOOL


Comment: Speedboy sounds like the name of the sidekick for a superhero called Velocity Man. Or maybe not. Anyway, this nice helmet made the list mostly on the coolness of the team’s name.

Taylor Allderdice DragonsTAYLOR ALLDERDICE

Team Name: DRAGONS

Comment: Yes, for the Game of Thrones fans in your life recommend this team, with their terrific use of a dragon AND a coat of arms on their helmet. 

Mastery Charter PumasMASTERY CHARTER

Team Name: PUMAS

Comment: This is one of those helmets which is completely blank on one side with the logo appearing only on the opposite side. That’s why the Pumas helmet is facing the other direction, for authenticity’s sake.

saint joseph's prep HawksSAINT JOSEPH’S PREP

Team Name: HAWKS

Comment: Now this is why logos on the helmet count for so much. Even if you’re using a heavily employed team name like Hawks, your lids can still impress the fans.

Brashear BullsBRASHEAR

Team Name: BULLS

Comment: And for outstanding use of logo, initial AND color scheme, it’s the helmets worn by the Brashear Bulls! Just plain beautiful!

Preparatory Charter HuskiesPREPARATORY CHARTER

Team Name: HUSKIES

Comment: The helmet IS awesome, but the team name begs the question “Are these guys called the Preparatory H’s?” Probably not.

Father Judge CrusadersFATHER JUDGE


Comment: In the tradition of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy it’s Father, Judge, Crusader … uh, Fly? Private I? I walked into a joke so lame I couldn’t get myself out of it. 

Perry Traditional Academy CommodoresPERRY TRADITIONAL ACADEMY


Comment: Rather than try a Lionel Ritchie joke that I probably couldn’t get out of I’ll just compliment Perry Traditional Academy for their team name and eye-catching lids!

School of the Future FirebirdsSCHOOL OF THE FUTURE


Comment: Yes, it’s the School of the Future, with flying buses, teleportation devices to get from classroom to classroom and, oddly, pretty bland helmets. Obviously it’s on the strength of the name Firebirds alone that this team snuck onto the list. 



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  1. Ah! My man would love this!!! Cool! Cheers and Thanks! 😀

  2. Kirk

    Too many awesome lids to choose my favorite!

  3. Cool helmets! Thanks for sharing a cool blog!

  4. Greg

    Cahillites is pleasantly weird sounding.

  5. Rocky

    Keep these coming!

  6. Taj

    I like all these helmets!

  7. Edmund

    Speedboys! Hell yeah!

  8. Andrew

    Those are really awesome helmets.

  9. Mr Loco

    Awesome weirdness in some of those names!

  10. Cicely

    I thought the same thing you did about the school of the future!

  11. Hey there! I simply want to offer you a huge thumbs up for your great info you’ve got right here on this post. I am returning to your blog for more soon.

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