Cash GrabBalladeer’s Blog is telling you this: From now on, instead of BC and AD, years will be recorded in terms of BCG and ACG, as in Before Cash Grab and After Cash Grab. Well, maybe not. But you will always remember where you were and what the weather was like and what you were wearing when you first heard about Cash Grab: The Graphic Novel by Cecil

Cash Grab, by internet cult figure Cecil of Cecil Says fame, has launched on Indiegogo. Reserve your copy now! If you miss the kind of gloriously irreverent – some might say sickening – humor of Mad Magazine or Marvel’s Teen Hulk from Crazy, you can find it in this graphic novel.

Cecil, a real-life debaucher and decadent hedonist straight out of Absolutely Fabulous, tries to get his life back on the upswing by replacing New York’s missing superhero called the Winged Fox. The resulting South Park/ Family Guy type of adventure is a must-read. Art by Donal Delay. Written by Cecil himself. TO ORDER CLICK HERE     


Downcast 2DOWNCAST 2: WRIZE AND FALL – Much more serious-minded graphic novel with sci-fi overtones. The adventures of the gravity-powered superheroes Joanne and Jax continue as a witness comes forward who can clear their father from the frame-up job that a corrupt government inflicted on him.

Think The Incredibles meets Spy Kids but with some of that signature Clint Stoker storytelling panache. Art by Ignacio Lazaro. TO ORDER CLICK HERE    

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