As you may be aware, iTunes is the media player designed by and for Apple to play digital video files or music. You can use iTunes to upload video files, buy a subscription to podcasts. iTunes brings many advantages, including a great range of podcasts in various niches useful for all sorts of users. RocketFiles brings you a quality tool to help you out. We’ll discuss here how to upload your movie to iTunes as desired.

The right format

Uploading your movies you like to iTunes is not hard. You need to follow these steps. Bring the target movie file into any of the formats that are compatible with iTunes.

First, if the video you wish to upload pays iTunes. To do this, check with opening the file in QuickTime. If the video plays well in QuickTime, it’s compatible and iTunes and hence and play.

1. Check if the files are in a compatible format

If your video file does not come any of the categories of formats, namely mv4, move, and mp4, you have to convert it into any of the aforesaid formats. For this, you can take the help of the software. You can easily get any of these software thanks to the various software applications available online. To get the best quality software, check out at forums, and refer to reviews.

Note that in newer versions of iTunes, you have to upload videos by adding them manually.

2. Choosing the files

Now open iTunes—-> File —-> Add to Library

Look for files. Now you need to locate the target video file – the file you wish to upload to your iTunes Library. If you’re planning to upload more than one file, choose multiple files, keep the Control (Windows) or Command (Mac) when you click.

3. The last step

Once you choose all the files of your choice, click OK or Open to get uploaded to iTunes.

Or, you may drag and drop the video file from a folder direct into iTunes. This, you can do if all the files to be uploaded are in the right format.


A common issue that you may encounter while uploading videos to iTunes is that when you use ‘add file to library’ button, or do it by dragging, it will not work. The video does not get reflected in any of the categories’. This problem may happen when you reconvert the format to the movies and upload them again to iTunes. Even if you use portable version of Itunes which you download from

Some of these software applications will enable you to add metadata including, title, release date, cast, and director. A few others can transform multiple videos in batches.

One such simple and easy to use software is iFlicks. It enables you to convert any video to a format compatible with iTunes and then upload it to the library. It also makes it easy and simple in adding metadata, subtitles, chapter, and cover artwork. You can make a script to make the process automatic if you so desire. For this you have to drop the target video on to the folder meant for the purpose.

How to make videos files uploaded to your iTunes free or paid?

Whether you wish to make your content uploaded to iTunes free or paid, it depends on your choice. If you’re planning to upload content for money, you need to sign up for the application with iTunes.

While submitting the content, you have the option to work with Apple directly or work through an aggregator . An aggregator is an expert in delivering content to iTunes.

Of course, if you wish to use their service, you will have to pay a fee as determined officially.

If you meet all the requirements as power the application, you can sign up and offer your content by working directly with Apple. Singing up the application is free. On the other hand, if don’t fulfill the aforesaid condition, or if you have other financial requirements, the best alternative is to use the help of an aggregator.

Once you agree to take the service of an aggregator, they will allow you with UPS or Universal Product Codes and ISRC (International Standard Recording Codes) UPC and ISRC will help distribute your music across various music channels. Now you will get your pay from the aggregators, who in turn pay to . you – the owner of the content.

You can also take the service of the encoding service. An encoding service transforms the music into videos, or quality files so that the content could submit on your behalf. In this case, as well, you’re going to get your pay from the encoding service.


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