MatadorThe era of the “superstar” Matadors, aka guys who used swords to kill bulls for entertainment – began in the 1700s. Since then fewer than 100 name Matadors died in the ring facing a bull. In or out of the ring here are four examples of Matadors dying under unusual circumstances.


Year of Death: 1925

The Scenario: At the age of 27 Anllo attended a Bull Fight as a spectator rather than a participant. Another spectator disagreed with Juan’s critique of the Matador in the ring. The argument escalated until finally the spectator struck Anllo over the head with a bottle with such force that it killed him.

EL CANO (Not the much later bullfighter Jose O Cano) 

Year of Death: 1852 

The Scenario: El Cano, age 38, was hospitalized following a goring he suffered from a bull in the ring. While there his visiting wife and he got into an argument. Jose rose from his bed to hit his wife only to die due to hemorrhaging from his wound.


Year of Death: 1847 

The Scenario: This Matador died the most ignoble death according to Matador lore. At age 41 he lost his nerve against a bull in the ring in Valencia. De los Santos paniced, turned tail and ran. He dove over the corrida fence and accidentally impaled himself on his own sword. If bulls could laugh I’m sure this one would have.


Year of Death: 1886

The Scenario: Gavino, a veteran Matador, faced his final bull in Mexico. Despite his storied past this time his intended victim gored him to death … Bernardo was 74 years old! 


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10 responses to “FOUR ODD MATADOR DEATHS

  1. Arden

    These were funny considering what animal abusing trash they were.

  2. Ranndy

    The one with the bottle is funny!

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  4. Janet

    Serves them right!

  5. Monroe

    I didn’t know Matadors were around that long!

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