LVAcesACES WIN SECOND IN A ROW – The LAS VEGAS ACES took it on the road against the MINNESOTA LYNX yesterday.

The 1st Quarter ended with the Lynx on top 19-11 following which they took a tighter 39-35 edge over the Aces into Halftime.

Las Vegas came out primed for a comeback and by the end of the 3rd Quarter had knotted things up at 58-58. From there the Aces consummated it with an 80-75 triumph. Kayla McBride led the scoring for the victors with 22 points.

The Aces are now 4-3, the Lynx 4-5.  



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6 responses to “WNBA RESULTS

  1. Remy

    I didn’t know the WNBA was still around.

  2. Heidi

    I was born and raised in Vegas!

  3. Terry

    Oh my goodness! The WNBA is still around!

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