Balladeer’s Blog continues its coverage of the world’s OLDEST team sport. Polo was already centuries old when Alexander the Great’s men played it! FOR MY PRIMER ON POLO CLICK HERE  

Pilot PoloDAY FOUR: PILOT VS STABLE DOOR. Pilot – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Troubleshooters – took on Stable Door – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Jackaroos. Pilot has already won the first two titles in the newly-rechristened Gauntlet of Polo (formerly the Triple Crown of Polo). The Whitney Cup and the USPA crown have already been taken by the Troubleshooters.

International Polo ClubPilot never really let the Jackaroos in this Match. The First Chukker saw the Troubleshooters knock in 4 Goals while shutting out Stable Door.

In the Second Chukker the Jackaroos finally got on the scoreboard as they exchanged a Goal apiece with their opponents, making it a 5-1 tally. Pilot shut out Stable Door again in the 3rd Chukker while putting two more Goals between the Uprights. Headed into Halftime the Troubleshooters were on top 7-1.

The good news for the Jackaroos in the Fourth Chukker was that they scored 2 more Goals. The bad news was that their opponents thwacked in 3 more making the score 10 Goals to 3. Pilot rolled offensively AND shut out their victims AGAIN in the Fifth Chukker, going up 14-3.

The Sixth Chukker brought Stable Door’s suffering to an end as the Troubleshooters rode away with a FIFTEEN to SIX triumph.

Gonzalo Pieres led Pilot in scoring with 6 Goals.  


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4 responses to “POLO: U.S. OPEN DAY FOUR RESULTS

  1. Wink

    The Pilot polo team should put you on the payroll.

  2. Menno

    You are polo’s good will ambassador to the u.s.

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