Cape Fear College Sea DevilsDAY ONE, GAME ONE – Tipping off the 2019 National Tournament for the NJCAA Division One was this clash between the 17 seeds – the CAPE FEAR COLLEGE SEA DEVILS – and the 16th seeded ARIZONA WESTERN COLLEGE MATADORS. The Sea Devils led 48-40 at Halftime, following which points continued to fly like shrapnel. In the end Cape Fear College defeated the Matadors by a Century Club-level score of 104-90. JJ Miles put up 28 points to lead the Sea Devils.

Kaskaskia College Blue Angels KC logoDAY ONE, GAME TWO – Next the 20th seeded KASKASKIA COLLEGE BLUE ANGELS faced the 13 seeds – the SHERIDAN COLLEGE GENERALS. The Blue Angels put the Generals on Upset Alert by the break with their 47-37 advantage. From there Kaskaskia College managed to eke out just an inch more separation to win the game 92-80. Parker Dortch couldn’t lose, leading the way for the Blue Angels with his 21 points.

Eastern Florida State TitansDAY ONE, GAME THREE – In this game the 10 seeds – the EASTERN FLORIDA STATE TITANS – clashed with the 23rd seeded ALLEGANY MARYLAND COLLEGE TROJANS. Suffocating defense was the story of the 1st Half, which ended with the Titans up 25-22. After the break Eastern Florida State outscored the Trojans 36-29 for a 61-51 victory led by 13 points from Osayi Osifo.

Cleveland State (TN) CougarsDAY ONE, GAME FOUR – The 24th seeded CLEVELAND STATE (TN) COUGARS took on the 9 seeds – the CASPER COLLEGE THUNDERBIRDS. The Cougars led the Thunderbirds 50-42 at the end of an action-packed opening Half. Casper College made little headway from there as Cleveland State won this 90-83 Upset. Twenty-two points from Jonathan King led the Cougars.

Indian Hills WarriorsDAY ONE, GAME FIVE – This game pitted the 12 seeds – the INDIAN HILLS COLLEGE WARRIORS – against the 20th seeded CENTRAL GEORGIA TECH TITANS. By sheer coincidence the Warriors outscored the Titans 42-31 in each Half. Indian Hills College defeated Central Georgia Tech 84-62 led by Torrey Patton’s Double Double of THIRTY points and 11 rebounds. 

Trinity Valley Cardinals logoDAY ONE, GAME SIX – Wrapping up day one was this game between the 15th seeded TRINITY VALLEY COLLEGE CARDINALS and the 18 seeds – the SHELTON STATE BUCCANEERS. The Cardinals parlayed a 43-29 Halftime lead into an 82-70 victory. Tyson Jolly led the way for Trinity Valley College with a Double Double of 23 points and 11 rebounds. 



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  1. Andy

    The Sea Devils are where it’s at!

  2. Jonathan

    I think the Sea Devils are totally awesome!

  3. Sophia

    Cape Fear always reminds me of the movie.

  4. Jacinto

    I will always be fond of the Sea Devils because of my time there.

  5. Lucky

    Kaskaskia College is the best bet for anyone looking into JUCOs.

  6. Cape Fear College is my favorite new team.

  7. Devon

    Eastern Florida is my favorite! Love them!

  8. Randell

    Cape Fears name even sounds intimidating!

  9. Kanesha

    My cousin played there!

  10. E Gilbert

    NJCAA schools often have higher student body numbers than some of the big-name schools.

  11. F.D.

    I love college hoops!

  12. Branden B

    College basketball is about the only pure sport now and even then only at these levels.

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