Olivet Nazarene Tigers helmet NEWVICTORY BOWL – Last night’s 2018 edition of the post-season Bowl Game in the NCCAA pitted the OLIVET NAZARENE UNIVERSITY TIGERS against the OTTAWA (AZ) UNIVERSITY SPIRIT. The Spirit made it to the Victory Bowl in just their first-ever year of intercollegiate football!

Ottawa University seized a 14-0 advantage in the 1st Quarter but by Halftime the Tigers went on top by a count of 17-14.

That 3-point edge held up as the 3rd Quarter ended in a 31-28 ONU lead and the 4th wrapped up with a 38-35 Tigers victory! * THE TIGERS ARE CHAMPS OF THE 2018 VICTORY BOWL IN THE NCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association).   


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22 responses to “VICTORY BOWL 2018: TIGERS OVER SPIRIT

  1. Ramon

    Places like OAN should cover the Victory Bowl!

  2. Vince

    Olivet Nazarene deserves congratulations!

  3. Oscar

    That’s a good idea about OAN covering this bowl game each year!

  4. Obie

    That is really some accomplishment for OU-AZ to get to this bowl game in their first year.

  5. Paul

    OAN! OAN! I agree! Get them to cover the Victory Bowl from now on!

  6. Wally

    They sound like two awesome teams!

  7. Ronald

    Absolutely agree that OAN should cover this bowl from now on!

  8. Hannah

    Yay! My cousin plays there!

  9. Johnny

    Awesome! The NCCAA needs to get more publicity around their big bowl game.

  10. Hardy

    A victory in the Victory Bowl!

  11. StewNWT

    White racism has ruined sports.

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