Give Them A Shoutout Before They’re Dead returns to Balladeer’s Blog with this look at Blondie’s hit Call Me


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10 responses to “BLONDIE: CALL ME

  1. Des

    There is something about Debbie Harry and her music that intrigues me. If I had never seen a single picture of her, I would have still embraced many of Blondie’s songs that played in the 80’s. My dad, who pretty much hated all modern music, liked her rendition of “The Tide Is High”. It blew my mind that a square guy from the Silent Generation who’s musical evolution ended with The Kingston Trio could like a song by Blondie. I thought to myself, “Now that is what I call, “Wide Appeal!”. I think it would be a bit ignorant to claim that her looks had nothing to do with her fame, but she did have some catchy tunes!

    • I agree 100%. Too many people try to write off Blondie’s string of hits by just attributing it all to Deborah’s looks.
      On a side note are you familiar with her story about how she almost became one of Ted Bundy’s victims.

  2. Des

    No kidding….I’ll have to read up on Bundy…, no, make that Blondie. Thanks for sharing that!

    • Yep, she has shared that anecdote in interviews over the years and that one artist whose name I forget (he also collects antique cars and Nicolas Cage calls him the modern Hieronymous Bosch) did a painting of Deborah Harry escaping out the window of Bundy’s car since he had already triggered the door-locks. It happened before Blondie got big.

  3. Oto

    She sings with passion!

  4. Emory

    Love me some Debbie Harry!

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