The joyous day is here at last so let’s enjoy our meals of buffalo meat, Tumbleweed Pizzas, Southwest Fried Rice, corn on the cob, Cactus Salad, mashed potatoes and Western Spaghetti ! Later we can wash down some Deuces Wilds (Red or Black) and Cactus Jacks while playing Frontierado Poker or watching Silverado.

Boot HillBOOT HILL: The name has survived in much western lore as THE name for graveyards filled with gunslingers, outlaws and other stock figures of the Wild West. Today it serves as a blog post in which I focus on the causes of death for many of the men and women who have shown up in my Frontierado items over the years.

Jack Harris Vaudeville TheatreTEXAS BEN THOMPSON – Shot to death by multiple gunmen at Jack Harris’ Vaudeville Theater in San Antonio, TX on March 11th, 1884. It was a revenge killing that also claimed Thompson’s friend and fellow gunslinger John “King” Fisher.

DOC HOLLIDAY – Died of natural causes on November 8th, 1887 in Glenwood Springs, CO.

SAM SIXKILLER – Shot to death while unarmed on Christmas Eve of 1886 in Muskogee, OK (still called Indian Territory at the time).

“QUEEN” KITTY LEROY – Shot to death by her own husband in Deadwood, SD’s Lone Star Saloon on December 6th, 1877. Her husband then took his own life.

CASH HOLLISTER – Shot to death by Texas outlaw Robert Cross in Sumner County, OK on October 18th, 1884. 

KID CURRY – Either took his own life or was killed by lawmen on June 17th, 1904, at Parachute, CO, supposedly after robbing a train. 

LONG-HAIRED JIM COURTRIGHT – Shot to death in a rare Legend on Legend gunfight with Luke Short in Fort Worth, TX on February 8th, 1887.  

PEARL HART – Unknown, with multiple cities supposedly the site of her final resting place.

TOM BELL – Lynched for his life of crime by vigilantes on October 4th, 1856 at Firebaugh’s Ferry, CA.

THE MORMON KID – Died of natural causes on December 21st, 1938 in Price, UT.

MADAME DUMONT – Committed suicide after being wiped out by gamblers on September 8th, 1879 in Bodie, CA.

PAT GARRETT – Shot to death by an outlaw he was pursuing on February 29th, 1908 near Las Cruces, NM.  

DEACON JIM aka KILLER MILLER – Lynched for his life of crime in Ada, OK on April 19th, 1909.

COMMODORE PERRY OWENS – Died of natural causes on May 28th, 1919 in Flagstaff, AZ.

HARRY TRACY – Committed suicide rather than be captured by lawmen on August 6th, 1902 in Creston, WA.

CALAMITY JANE – Died of natural causes on August 1st, 1903 in Terry, SD.

ZIP WYATT – Died of gunshot wounds from a pursuing posse on September 7th, 1895 in Enid, OK. 

JOHNNY RINGO – Shot to death by an unknown assailant in the Chiricahua Mountain Range of Arizona on July 13th, 1882.

TOM HORN – Hanged for a murder he may not have committed on November 20th, 1903 in Cheyenne, WY.

KID RUSSELL – Died of natural causes in Great Falls, MT on October 24th, 1926.

SALLY SKULL – Shot to death, possibly by her own husband on an undetermined date in 1868 near the Nueces River.

WILD BILL HICKOK – Shot from behind while playing cards in Deadwood, SD on August 2nd, 1876.

X THE VIGILANTE – Died of natural causes in Helena, MT on January 22nd, 1890.

BLACK IKE – Shot to death by the posse pursuing him and his friend Zip Wyatt outside Cantonment, OK on August 1st, 1895.

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4 responses to “BOOT HILL – A MINOR VALHALLA

  1. Michael

    Quite a variety of deaths laid out here.

  2. Berniece

    Cemeteries are depressing.

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