Islam and African slaveryIn the past Balladeer’s Blog has dealt with the way the increasingly deranged Democrats do their best to lie about and whitewash Islam’s violent and intolerant past. I’m an atheist and I’ll point out again that Islam started out on the Arabian Pensinsula and then, through blood and violence like any other religion, spread throughout much of Europe, much of Africa (Muslims ran the brutal African Slave Trade long before Europeans got involved) and then spread Eastward all the way to the Philippines.

Along the way genocidal violence was often unleashed upon non-Muslims. The left is trying to rewrite history to omit all of Islam’s abuses while playing up the abuses committed in the name of other religions. Some especially irrational American “teachers” (LMAO) are even pushing the notion that Muhammad was “a proto-feminist.” Uh. Yeah. That’s like saying “Saint” Paul was, too.

Below is a link to Mr Ibrahim’s latest article on the topic. First some excerpts:

Once the jihad was unleashed from Arabia, not only was Italy bombarded and under threat for centuries, but as the seat of Rome – the capital of Western Christendom, which is to say Infideldom – several ambitious caliphs and sultans especially targeted it, often while making the perennial Islamic boast that they would be first to turn St. Peter’s altar into a feeding trough for their horses.” 

For the full article, click HERE  


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