It’s another round of Give Them A Shoutout Before They’re Dead here at Balladeer’s Blog! You get your choice of bland or eerie versions of Fastball with their song Fire Escape

For the more adventurous among you, you can watch the controversial video that had everybody talking! (CLICK BELOW)  The video with the deranged fan getting dressed for work in the morning while her house is littered with the dead bodies of the members of Fastball.

Mascot new lookThe creepiness factor was always aided by the nonchalant way that our smiling killer casually types “They are all dead in my house. HA HA” to an online friend asking what may have happened to the “missing” band Fastball.

That creepiness factor shot through the roof as you could see the friend’s frantic response of “What? What are you talking about? Why would you say something like that?” and on and on while our killer ignored them and went back to her morning routine. Shades of the Claridryl ad! The toast in the fridge is a nice touch, too.

I know the brief pause for an “update” about the band’s disappearance muffed the timing a bit, but it’s still got a macabre overall feel until the wimpout ending. Anyway, no matter which band you perform YOUR morning VooDoo rituals to, enjoy this eerie music video from the pre-Adult Swim era. 



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8 responses to “FASTBALL: FIRE ESCAPE

  1. Ida

    That video was eerie!

  2. Im obliged for the article post. Want more.

  3. Dick the Birthday Boy

    Awesome song!

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