Indiana Wesleyan WildcatsFIRST SEMIFINAL – A battle of 1 seeds started us off as the (1) INDIANA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY WILDCATS played the (1) INDIANA UNIVERSITY EAST RED WOLVES.

This battle royal featured the Wildcats clinging to a 37-35 edge over the Red Wolves at Halftime and ultimately holding on by their fingernails for a 75-72 victory. Kyle Mangas of Indiana Wesleyan University led his team to the Championship Game with 20 points. 

Saint Francis (IN) Cougars logo BETTERSECOND SEMIFINAL – That was followed by the 2nd seeded UNIVERSITY OF SAINT FRANCIS (IN) COUGARS taking on the other remaining 1 seed – the COLLEGE OF IDAHO COYOTES.

A Defense-oriented 1st Half ended with the Coyotes on top by a score of 30-25. The Cougars came out of the locker room after the break revved up for a comeback. USF outscored College of Idaho 45-29 in the 2nd Half to win the game 70-59. Derek Hinen tossed in 21 points to lead the Cougars.  


Dakota County Tech Blue KnightsDISTRICT 207: CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The two remaining teams fighting for this District’s title and berth in the National Tournament were the DAKOTA COUNTY TECH BLUE KNIGHTS and the CENTRAL COLLEGE OF COLUMBUS (NE) RAIDERS.

The Blue Knights had accelerated out to a 55-38 Halftime lead over the Raiders and were just as Offense-minded after the break. Dakota County Tech won by a Century-Club level score of 108-86. Cole Murray of the Blue Knights led his team with 26 points. 

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