jamesjoyceHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JAMES JOYCE! His works got me hooked in my teens when I really related to his character Stephen Dedalus as he rejected his religion and indulged what I call his “young and pretentious side” in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. I wore out my copy of Joyce’s novel Ulysses and continue to mark Bloom’s Day to this very day.

Over the years Finnegans Wake replaced Ulysses as my favorite Joyce novel and I’m fonder than many people are of his play Exiles. Naturally, I’m also into his “epiphanies” in Dubliners and, poetry geek that I am, even Pomes Penyeach and Chamber Music. So, if you live in Ireland, say hello to Anna Livia Plurabelle for me today!  



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10 responses to “IT’S JAMES JOYCE’S BIRTHDAY!

  1. One of my old favorite’s also. Mind if I share, with due credit of course.

  2. I have never read any of his work sadly. Will look at trying to rectify that fact one day.

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  4. Krink

    Interesting but weird writer.

  5. Reka

    The love child of Wally Cox and Floyd the Barber! Loved it!

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