Christmas Carol-A-Thon 2017 continues here at Balladeer’s Blog!

Teen Titans Christmas CarolA TEEN TITANS CHRISTMAS CAROL – Last year Balladeer’s Blog examined the 1973 Luke Cage, Hero For Hire version of A Christmas Carol. This time around I’ll take a look at Christmas 1967’s The Teen Titans’ Swingin’ Christmas Carol.

Swingin’ Christmas Carol may sound like the title of a Dean Martin Christmas Special but was really an issue of Teen Titans which paralleled the Dickens tale.

The Teen Titans was a team composed of the teen sidekicks of various DC Superheroes. Robin the Boy Wonder, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Aqua Lad and later Speedy, Hawk & Dove plus many others would come and go over the decades.

For this Christmas story we meet Ebenezer Scrounge, who runs a junkyard where he employees and abuses Bob Ratchet. Bob’s handicapped son Tiny Tom comes to visit his father and accidentally witnesses Scrounge’s secret partner –  a crime boss called Mister Big – use an invention which turns old items in the junkyard brand new.

Tiny Tom tells his father about this but Scrounge threatens to fire him if anyone else finds out about it. Tom slips away to Teen Titans Headquarters and enlists their help.

Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Aqua Lad stage visits from the ghost of Ebenezer Scrounge’s dead partner Jacob Farley plus the expected Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come. These half-assed theatrics wind up with a repentant Scrounge confessing where Mister Big’s hideout is located.

Our heroes attack the criminal’s lair with the end result being that the Teen Titans are captured by Mister Big and his gang by way of a magnetized trap.

The Christmas Carol reenactment DID succeed in permanently changing Ebenezer Scrounge, however, and with help from him, Bob and Tiny Tom our heroes are saved. They then clobber Mister Big’s gang. 

The crimelord’s invention is used to turn a junky old wheelchair into a fancy new one for Tiny Tom. The bad guys go to jail and the good guys all celebrate Christmas while we readers are left wondering why it’s against the law to use an invention to turn junk into new items. And why it was wrong for Mister Big to do it but not the Teen Titans when they made Tiny Tom a new wheelchair.

Pretty lame. Even in the 60s and 70s Marvel apparently ran rings around DC.


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  1. Fantastic! I love Christmas carol and I never heard of this comic book version.

  2. I agree abot why is it against the law to use that machine?

  3. DC kills Marvel. Youre crazy!

  4. You’re really talented at locating odd stugt.

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