Hillary Clinton Russian Probe backfireIn the spirit of “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” the irrational buffoons called Democrats (DemCorp) have been whining “Russia, Russia, Russia” ever since America’s de facto Third Party President Donald Trump humiliated Hillary Clinton last November.

Their obsession with alleged knavish activity on the part of the Russians is hysterically hypocritical given Hillary’s absurd “Reset Button” nonsense and Obama’s pathetic message for Medvedev to be relayed to Putin. Remember, Barack wanted Vlad Putin to know he’d “have more flexibility” after the 2012 election to cooperate with Putin.

You know – the same Vlad Putin that Obama, Hillary and the rest of the Democrats have been denouncing as a global menace worse than the Islamic State (Obamastan) and North Korea rolled into one. The Democrats’ paranoia about Russia is such that their new slogan should be: DEMOCRATS: THINK OF US AS JOHN BIRCHERS IN CHE GUEVARA T-SHIRTS!

Mueller 3Funniest of all is how ALL OF THIS HAS BACKFIRED ON CROOKED HILLARY ONCE AGAIN! All of us rational people in the U.S. are laughing like hell at the way Democrat Party media outlets are acting like Manafort is a big deal. Not only was the man Trump’s campaign manager for barely a few months but the charges he’s been indicted for GO BACK BEFORE HE HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH TRUMP OR THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN!

Meanwhile, Tony Podesta, one of Hillary Clinton’s dirty deeds thugs for what seems like forever, has been forced to step down! And the emerging dirt on the URANIUM ONE deal is making Hillary and her fake charity look even more crooked than before! And I didn’t think that was possible! 

To say nothing of the emerging details about Hillary and the Democrats’ role in the National Enquirer-level Steele Dossier aka For More Laughs Only.

### Here’s a man with a HILARIOUS and accurate breakdown of the shoddiness of the anti-Trump propaganda that masquerades as an “intelligence dossier.” The link is below but first some excerpts:

Hillary and the Trump Dossier“By “Russian hacking” of the election, they (the Democrats) mean that some Internet trolls from halfway round the world bought a few fake Facebook ads, half of which weren’t seen until after election day. For purposes of comparison, the one hundred grand these trolls spent to “interfere” in the US election works out at less than two per cent of what Hillary paid a high-ranking spy of a foreign power to interfere in the US election …and post-election.

“It started in April 2016, when it became clear that Trump was going to win the Republican nomination. The Hillary campaign and the DNC gave millions of dollars to Marc Elias, a Clinton lawyer, who in turn hired Fusion GPS, who in turn hired former MI6 agent Christopher Steele. Why use Mr Elias as a cutout? Because Hillary and the DNC could then itemize the expense as “legal services” rather than list payments to Mr Steele, which would be in breach of federal law.

Yep, as always Hillary and the DNC – which had already sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign to assure that Hapless Hillary could pretend she “won” the Democrat nomination – behave like organized crime circles.



By the way, I’m neither a liberal nor a conservative. Want proof? CLICK HERE 

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  1. Love it! I love how Trump simply being in office is forcing out all this sludge and corruption that the Democrats and Republicans assumed would be swept under the rung if Crooked Hillary got it!

  2. Jan

    Hillary Clinton is the biggest political crook of all time!

  3. Linda

    Hillary and her fellow corrupt punks are an embarrassment.

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