Tumbleweed_sizedFRONTIERADO, the internationally celebrated holiday that falls on the first Friday in August is fast approaching.

As an early Frontierado gift to my readers here is my personal recipe for Tumbleweed Pizza, the perfect snack to go with Silverado and whatever second Western you watch on the day of Frontierado itself, which this year falls on Friday, August 4th.

Start with a few extra-large tortilla shells or round pita shells. Spread tomato paste and/or sauce around them, leaving as much crust room as you prefer. Spread shredded pepperjack cheese all over each shell until you completely cover the  tomato paste/sauce.

Add small slices of Nopolito Cactus (it will  taste a lot like green peppers), red beans and bits of buffalo meat, or antelope, or rattlesnake or all three.

Have the oven preheated to 350 degrees. Place each shell in the oven for approximately 15 minutes, or 20 minutes if you’re doing two shells at once. Then eat just like you would a regular pizza. For extra zesty Tumbleweed Pizza you can mix Salsa Sauce or Chipotle Sauce in with the tomato paste/sauce as well as adding jalapeno peppers if you like.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love Silverado! One of the most quotable westerns ever. My fave line: I don’t want to kill you and you don’t want to be dead! AWESOME!

  2. For what it’s worth I han’t tried Tumbleweed Pizza, but it’s now on my list. Pizza is my fave food group! I’ve tried different pizzas far and wide and my pizza tasting is only second to my beer tasting! Happy Frontierado mi amigo!

    • Happy Frontierado yourself! I hope you enjoy Tumbleweed Pizza if you get a chance to try it. Like with all pizzas it takes a few tries to get the right proportion of tomato sauce and cheese but once you find the balance you like it’s great!

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  4. Yu Houy

    Everybody is making these now!

  5. M.G. O'Brien

    Sounds pretty tasty!

  6. Sweet internet site, super design, rattling clean and apply pleasant.

  7. Alyce

    I’m going to make one of these! Cheers!

  8. Lizzie


  9. Cara

    That’s awesome that you get people to eat cactus. I’ve been trying for years because cactus is a powerful medicine for the heart. It has never however been available anywhere I lived and therefore I haven’t ever tasted it myself – only had the medicinal extract.

    You’re able to buy rattlesnake meat?? How does it taste?

    • Rattlesnake tastes like a combination of chicken and eel. You can buy Napolito Cactus for meals directly from a lot of gourmet grocers, by the way, if you want some.

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