Adam Ant tuxedoBalladeer’s Blog once again focuses on Adam Ant (Stuart Leslie Goddard), the subject of my new “Give Them A Shoutout Before They’re Dead” feature.

Previously I presented looks at the Adam Ant hits Goody Two Shoes and Vive Le Rock plus Adam’s cover of the Doors’ Hello, I Love You. This time around it’s Gotta Be A Sin. The song is terrific and the video – which was made years before the film The Matrix – features multiple versions of  what you could call a blonde prototype for Trinity, sunglasses and all.  

Adam’s performance in the video makes me wonder what he would have been like in a stage version of Cabaret in the Joel Grey role. Or in a very dark musical version of A Clockwork Orange.

Have a look and a listen:



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10 responses to “ADAM ANT: GOTTA BE A SIN

  1. This post was a pleasant surprise this morning. I read many blog posts with featured videos, and I often click on them and try to suffer through, searching for a clue as to what the blogger sees in this song. This was not the case with “Gotta Be A Sin”! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I often feel a little guilty for losing interest in Adam Ant after about the first five albums, which are some of my favorites. But since seeing him live on his “Kings Of The Wild Frontier” tour, I have been re-discovering his stuff, some of it new to me, some that I put away some time ago. I admit that I have overlooked the “Wonderful” album, especially. Adam Ant is back! At least at our house, he is 🙂

    • Thank you for the nice comment! I selected Adam Ant because I went checking through the same time period as Prince since his death last year was what prompted me to start doing a series of shoutouts to singers before their time comes.
      I am always puzzled that Adam is not remembered more over here.

  2. Awesome! Never knew he did any songs after the 80s.

  3. My loins explode just looking at Adam!

  4. Cleo

    Awesome song! I had never heard it before.

  5. Ant

    I saw Adam in September on the Anthems tour. He just turned 63 and he is still his energetic and handsome self. I think he will be around a while longer if that concert was an indication. Two solid hours. No break. Thank you for this. He should be talked about a lot more.

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