Polo 2Balladeer’s Blog continues its coverage of the world’s OLDEST team sport. There were a pair of games today in U.S. Open play. 


FlexJet polo shirtGAME ONE: FLEXJET VS AUDI – Husband and wife played on opposite sides in this Match as Melissa Ganzi and her three Flexjet teammates clashed with Marc Ganzi’s foursome from Audi.  

In Chukker Number One Marc himself swatted in the 1st Goal for Audi – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: the Bavarians. His teammate Alejandro Novillo Astrada scored as well while the Bavarians shut out Flexjet – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: the Aviators. The opening Chukker ended with Audi on top 2 Goals to none.

The Second Chukker saw Flexjet really get rolling on offense. The Aviators notched 3 Goals this time around while limiting the Bavarians to just 1 Goal of their own. Chukker Two came to a close with the score knotted up at 3-3.

In the Third Chukker Goals virtually flew between the Uprights with giddy abandon. Flexjet racked up a colossal FOUR Goals to the pair knocked in by Audi. The two teams headed into Halftime with the Aviators in the lead by a count of 7 Goals to 5.   

Chukker Four found Flexjet and the Bavarians going blow for blow and Goal for Goal. The teams traded a couple of Goals apiece, so at Chukker’s end the score stood at 9 for the Aviators and 7 for Audi.  

The Fifth Chukker saw both teams’ defense beginning to clamp down. The end result was that both clubs were limited to just 1 Goal for the period. Flexjet was on top 10-8 headed into the final Chukker. 

In the Sixth Chukker the Match became a defensive epic. The only Goal was scored by the Bavarians, who pulled to within 10-9. With suffocating defense being played by both teams 10-9 was also the final score in this Aviators victory.

Gonzalito Pieres, Jr thoroughly dominated the scoring for the winners with 6 of their 10 Goals. 

Coca Cola polo shirtGAME TWO: COCA COLA VS TRAVIESO – Coca Cola – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: the Red Colossus – came into the U.S. Open fresh off their triumph in the Butler Cup, led by their female Ace Gillian Johnston.

The First Chukker was a dead heat between Coca Cola and their opponents Travieso – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: the Troubadors. Each team scored twice for a 2-2 tie.  

Chukker Two was absolutely, positively OWNED by the Red Colossus. Coca Cola managed to thwack 4 Goals between the Uprights while shutting out Travieso. Now the Red Colossus held a commanding 6-2 advantage. 

In the Third Chukker the Troubadors began to close the gap. They scored a pair of Goals and limited Coca Cola to just 1 Goal of their own. The count was 7-4 in favor of the Red Colossus headed into Halftime. 

Chukker Four – The 2nd Half began with Coca Cola and Travieso matching each other with a series of parries and thrusts. Two Goals from each team saw 9-6 as the new tally on the scoreboard.   

The Fifth Chukker was reminiscent of the Third. The Troubadors once again outscored the Red Colossus 2 Goals to 1. With only one more Chukker to play, Coca Cola was on top by just 10-8 now.

Chukker Number Six was all but cemented as a Red Colossus win as they managed another Goal, stretching their lead to 3. Travieso fought hard but mustered just 1 answering Goal of their own. Coca Cola won the Match by a final score of 11-9.

Julio Arellano’s 5 Goals led the Red Colossus.

Pool Play resumes on Sunday with 3 Matches.


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