American FlagAs always I want to thank all of you readers of Balladeer’s Blog! I love how you are solid enough that you don’t leave in a huff just because you might read something you disagree with or don’t like.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about why I stopped adding to my series of blog posts about my fictional Second U.S. Civil War (which morphed into World War Three when China intervened). Here are some reasons:

A. The bitter divisions in the U.S. have surged so much in real life that what I was writing might seem almost mild in comparison.

Mascot with demo and repub heads

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

B. If you recall, the trigger for my fictional “Civil War Two” was a disputed presidential election, which I based partly on the contested election of 1876 and a tiny bit from Al Gore’s legal challenges to the 2000 election results. Once again real life has outstripped what I was writing.

C. My fictional Civil War borrowed from the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939 and featured Liberal fanatics and Conservative fanatics each claiming their candidate was the “real” winner and I depicted them setting up competing governments – each claiming to be the “legitimate” U.S. government.

D. The real divisions now in the U.S. are between Populists on one side and Plutocrats & their forces on the other, no longer Liberal vs Conservative.

E. My blog posts were depicting Liberals mindlessly supporting the Democrats’ army and Conservatives mindlessly supporting the Republicans’ army. In real life Democrats are still mindless, unquestioning zombies for DemCorp but enough former devotees of RepubCorp have proven open-minded enough to divorce themselves from their Republican Party allegiance over the ways the GOP has screwed them over and over again. Hopefully Democrats will someday become as open-minded.   





  1. Rabid feminists, identity politicians and SJWs are to the Democrats today what the Moral Majority, the Jerry Falwells and the PTL Club were to the Republicans back in the 80’s and 90’s. Sneering moralists who want to use the government as their own professional Brute Squad. You’ll find there are plenty of leftists who are against this sort of thing (most of the major players who made up the Gamergate movement leaned to the left, politically,) although they are more likely to identify themselves as Libertarian than Democrat. It’s getting tougher to decide who is Right and who is Left, since most people like to use different terms now: “Nationalist”, “Anti-SJW”, “Alt-West”, etc. You still have your fringes and crazies (Odin-worshipping White Nationalists, etc.,) but there are plenty on both “sides” of the political spectrum are willing to overlook differences and gather together to fight the Globalists. It’s literally US against the elites now. (We can all sort out who belongs to which parts of US later…)

    • I hope you’re right but I have yet to see sizable numbers of left-wingers daring to criticize Islam or corporate media or globalists. (outside of gamergate, anyway)
      Too many seem unwilling to risk the social stigma of SJWs and co throwing pointless labels like “racist” etc at them.

  2. Your blog posts about it were chilling dude.

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