college football playoffCollege Football Playoffs-Could The Big Ten Football Champion Miss out?

The annual post-season tournament in American College Football is now more interesting than ever. Below is a scorecard of how many representatives each major college football conference has had in the first two years of college football playoffs, it could be of help while using the NCAA football betting lines;

Southeastern Conference (SEC):2 representatives

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC):2 representatives

The Big Ten: 2 representatives

Big 12: 1 representative


As the race for the title gains momentum, the Southeastern Conference (SEC) doesn’t seem like it is going to be left out of the playoffs any time soon. Between Alabama, LSU and Tennessee, it is evident that the SEC has a firm grip.

On the other hand, the ACC have not been left behind. The best two teams in ACC; Florida State and Clemson, are so good that they may be among the five best teams in the country.

As the heat is turned on, the big question is, which conference will sit on the sides and watch as the four- team playoffs kick off this season? The favorites of watching from the sidelines are the Big Ten, not because they are not good enough, but because it is getting better as the league meets for its Big Ten media days.

Several months ago, an upswing for the Big Ten was not the best thing for Ohio State. While it seemed hypocritical pointing out how the lack of depth in the league was hurting the Buckeyes, it was the painful but real truth.

The Big Ten will be switching to a new schedule of nine conference games this season which means that life has become more difficult for every team. In a case scenario, If Michigan, Ohio state, Michigan State, Iowa, Nebraska, Penn State, Northwestern and Wisconsin gives eight teams to the Big Ten among the top 40 in the nation, the playoffs are bound to get rocky. 

Now, here is what could happen;

In the first two years of existence, a team that lost twice did not make it to the playoffs. In the current form, it is not impossible for Big Ten Champions to suffer two defeats. This could be a possibility if Ohio State plays at Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Penn State will have to deal with Nebraska, Michigan and Wisconsin at home. Also, If Michigan plays Michigan State, Iowa and Ohio State and also has to face Wisconsin and Penn state as well, then the Big Ten Champs stand a chance to suffer defeat. Alternatively, this could also happen if Iowa faces Nebraska and Wisconsin, and the champ faces Michigan and Penn State during East Division crossover games.

For Michigan State, the last year’s Big Ten playoff rep sees them take a trip to Notre Dame to their rivals of Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan. They will also have to face Wisconsin and Northwestern. In the pre-season polls, a group of 39 conference writers predicted Buckeyes as league champs. Ohio state garnered 27 votes, Michigan state secured 11 and Lowa secured one vote.

When the big question was raised, Will a Big Ten team make it to the Playoffs?, 39 voters responded in the following manner;

20 voted for Ohio State

8 voted for Michigan

8 for none

3 for Both Ohio State and Michigan

While the general idea is out there, If you are for Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Ohio state, Michigan state, lowa or Penn State, then you believe that the Big Ten is getting better and that the playoff will be much difficult.



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