Gillette College PronghornsFINAL FOUR – FIRST BERTH – The 8 seeds – the GILLETTE COLLEGE PRONGHORNS – stunned the nation yesterday with their upset win over the top seeded TRINITY VALLEY COLLEGE CARDINALS. The Pronghorns led the Cardinals in this Battle Royal by a slender margin of 36-34 at Halftime. After the break the action was just as fierce, but in the end Gillette College walked away with an 87-83 victory. Kavell Bigby- Williams led the Pronghorns into the Final Four with a Double- Double of 19 points and 20 rebounds.  

BlUE DRAGONSBIGGGGGGGGGFINAL FOUR – SECOND BERTH – This game pitted the 7 seeds – the HUTCHINSON COLLEGE BLUE DRAGONS – against the 2nd seeded NORTHWEST FLORIDA STATE RAIDERS, the defending national champions. The Blue Dragons set the hardcourt on fire with an upset of their own, clubbing the Raiders into submission by a score of 55-28 at the midpoint. In the 2nd Half both teams scored in the 60s as Hutchinson College advanced to the Final Four with a Century Club level tally of 116-90. Samajae Haynes-Jones tossed in 33 points for the Blue Dragons.

Ranger College RangersFINAL FOUR – THIRD BERTH – The 11th seeded RANGER COLLEGE RANGERS kept the upset mojo going as they clashed with the 3 seeds – the GEORGIA HIGHLANDS COLLEGE CHARGERS. The Rangers put the Chargers on notice by Halftime, at which point they led them 51-35. After the break Ranger College had to weather an intense comeback attempt by Georgia Highlands College, emerging with a 91-81 win. Josh Simmons of the Rangers led his team with 20 points and 9 rebounds.  

salt lake bruinsFINAL FOUR – LAST BERTH – The two teams fighting for this lone remaining slot in this year’s Final Four were the 13th seeded SALT LAKE CITY COLLEGE BRUINS and the 12 seeds – the SOUTHWEST TENNESSEE COLLEGE SALUQIS (sic). The Bruins made it a clean sweep by the underdogs yesterday, leading the Saluqis 51-31 by the midpoint, on their way to a Century Club level 105-76 triumph. The leading scorer for Salt Lake City College was Tyler Rawson with 23 points.  


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  1. Ranger College? You sure dig em up and find em dont ya?

  2. GO PRONGHORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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